Jetta's Chronicle
Part Two
Chapter Two

"...And from everyone here at KBST, I'd like to wish you all a Happy Christmas and a great New Year. This is a golden oldie and a favourite of mine which reflects the holiday season - Jem and the Holograms, with 'All's Right With The World'. Have a good one, folks."

In the salon of the Gabor estate, Stormer leant absently across to flick the radio dial, setting down her pen as she contemplated her letter so far. It was Christmas morning and, in typical Misfit style, she was the only one up. Roxy and Pizzazz were still sleeping off their wild night the evening before, and neither had yet surfaced to greet the day. She glanced up at the clock on the mantle. Half past ten.

"I probably have some more time to myself yet, before they get up." She decided, putting pen and paper aside as she got to her feet, casting a fond glance at the small row of cards across the mantlepiece. "Maybe I could give Craig a call. He did hope he'd be home for Christmas - I can't believe he got snowed in in Germany. Wretched winter weather...but maybe he'll get here for the New Year. I hope so, anyhow. I really miss him at this time of year."

She moved towards the kitchen to pour herself a hot mug of coffee, stirring liberal spoonfuls of sugar into the dark liquid as she put it to her lips. The sun was shining over California that day, though there was a winter nip in the air that gave away the season. The estate stood aloof in it's own surrounding grounds and despite herself, Stormer felt somewhat alone. Though usually she liked the peace and quiet Christmas morning with the Misfits usually afforded her, this year she missed the children playing on the street opposite, and the songs around the Christmas tree that she and her brother had usually so enjoyed.

"But he's not here and I'm not going to fret about it." She told herself pragmatically, taking another warm sip of coffee and setting it down on the unit as she opened the fridge. "I wonder what we're doing about Christmas lunch. I have no idea if Pizzazz gave the cook today off or if she didn't - and there's no way I'm cooking anything at this kind of notice. It seems kinda crass to be eating take-out on Christmas Day, but I guess this is Christmas in Misfit world. At least this year Jetta and Roxy won't be fighting over the prawn crackers. I wonder how she and Justin are enjoying their first holiday together. I almost envy her. Even if she's never been real into the Christmas spirit, it must be nice to have someone to share it all with."

She shut the fridge door, finishing her drink and rinsing out the mug, leaving it on the side to drain. As she returned to her letter, there was a knock at the door and, surprised, she folded the sheets of notepaper up, sliding them into her pocket as she moved to answer it. The knock came again and she flipped up the latch, pulling the door open and letting out an exclamation of surprise.


"Hi, Mary." Elliot Martescu stood on the step, offering her a smile. "Merry Christmas."

He held out a small bouquet of winter roses, and, dumbstruck, Stormer took them almost automatically. Elliot looked amused.

"You weren't expecting me today, huh?" He asked softly.

"I thought you were in Washington." Stormer admitted, gathering herself and offering him a shy smile. "Thank you. They're beautiful. I'll put them in water and take them up to my writing room, where they're less likely to get hurt."

She pushed back the door.

"Will you come in?" She added. "There's coffee, if you're thirsty. I'm sorry, I guess I am a bit startled to see you. I was just thinking how quiet and lonely it was this morning...maybe you heard me."

"Perhaps I did." Elliot acknowledged, doing as he was bidden and stepping into the hallway. "Thank you. Coffee would be good. And yes, I was meant to be in Washington DC today, but my plans got changed at the last minute."

"Work?" Stormer eyed him sympathetically. "At this time of year? That sucks. Your family must be disappointed."

"Oh, they are." Elliot nodded her head. "But Harvey didn't send me here. Not this time. Actually, I took a few days off and decided to take a quick vacation to Los Angeles, instead."

"Why?" Stormer knitted her brows. "Not that I'm not glad to see you, but it's a long hop from the East Coast and I didnt think you even liked Los Angeles that much."

"I didn't come for the city." Elliot smiled at her. "I came to see you. We've been writing and phoning each other a lot since I left Misfits Music and when you came to visit me in November, I didn't know on what grounds you were coming. But having read your last letter, I felt there were some things I wanted to say to you in person. So I told my sister I was holidaying out of state this season. And here I am. On your doorstep - more or less."

He cast an apprehensive glance upwards. "Are we alone, or are your friends home?"

"Pizzazz and Roxy are sleeping off last night's partying downtown." Stormer's eyes twinkled with amusement. "Don't worry. They're safe to sleep for at least another hour. It's just me, the coffee, and the morning radio."

"It's almost cosy." Elliot admitted, as Stormer ushered him into the salon, moving into the kitchen to pour another mug of coffee and to set her flowers down on the unit. She soon emerged with a cup in hand, holding it out to him and he took it with a smile. "Thank you."

"So what things did you want to say to me?" Stormer looked curious. "Things that would make you leave your family at this time of year and jump half way across the country? I have to admit, Elliot, it doesn't really seem like you."

"It's completely unlike me." Elliot looked rueful. "My sister thinks I've lost my mind, and perhaps I have. But I'm here because I didn't want things to be ambiguous any more. I know we live a long way apart and you and I, we both have busy jobs. But we travel and we write and we're in constant communication nonetheless. Aren't we?"

"We are." Stormer pursed her lips. "Although Pizzazz doesn't know that. I mean, she knows I came to spend that weekend in DC in November, but she doesn't know how much we've been corresponding. In fact, I was writing a letter to you this morning." She added, a pink blush touching her cheeks. "I thought I'd feel less lonely. My brother was coming to the city this Christmas, but he got snowed in in Germany and he's stuck there till there's a thaw. Christmas never seems a big deal to the Misfits, except to I was a bit bummed. I'm glad to see you."

"I hoped you would be." Elliot admitted. "Though when you stared at me on the stoop just then I thought maybe I'd taken a step too far."

He sipped his coffee, setting it down on the windowsill.

"Firstly, do you have plans for Christmas dinner?" He asked. "The hotel I'm staying at is supposed to provide one of the best seasonal feasts in the county, and if you don't, I'd love you to join me. I mean, if you don't have Misfit seems odd to spend Christmas dinner alone."

"I'd love to come." Stormer assured him with a grin. "Thank you. There'll only be take-out here - if that - depending on when they emerge. There's no gifts, no tree and no real Christmas spirit in this house, I have to admit. Sometimes there are expensive garlands, when Pizzazz is throwing a shindig - but they'll go up the day before New Year's and come down the day after. We don't really go in for it. It just...well...isn't really a Misfit holiday."

"Then I'm even gladder I came." Elliot teased, but there was something else in his expression and Stormer frowned.

"Elliot, what is it?" She asked softly. "Why are you really here?"

"Well, we've set our stall out as being good friends." Elliot began slowly. "Over time we've really become that, with the letters and everything else. I honestly never thought that a chance meeting with a rock star in Harvey's office would wind up this way...but after the music company almost went under, well, I feel like I've had a real chance to get to know you."

"Likewise." Stormer dimpled. "It's been fun, having a friend who's out of state and out of all this chaos, sometimes!"

"Yes, well, I feel the same way." Elliot said ruefully. "Except on one point. Mary, I'll be straight with you. More than straight. I've been thinking about you a whole lot of late, and I wanted to come and, well, straighten out how I feel. And how you feel, that too. I'm not a romantic and I don't spend time idling hours thinking about a happy ever after. But then, I've noticed how eagerly I check the mail for your letters, and how much I like talking to you on the phone. More and more I'm wondering if it might be, well, something else building up between us."

He glanced down at his hands.

"If you follow my meaning."

"How could I not follow it?" Stormer grasped his hand loosely. "But we live so far apart. Elliot, I'm the silly, crazy girl who wants to fall in love and find that dream ending. That's part of who I am...what I put into my music every time I write for the Misfits. But it's always been rather a taboo with this group - men and romance are strictly off the books. Especially since...well, Pizzazz hasn't liked any men around us since she booted Eric out of the music company. I guess I've learnt to put all of that into my imagination and writing, instead of worrying about real life."

She sighed.

"But since Jetta broke the ban and got married, well, I've kinda thought about the future more and more myself." She added. "And I'd like to see if we have more between us than just friendship, Elliot. I'm just...we live so far apart. We have such different worlds. And I'm worried that, if you knew me properly, you might not like me so very much. I'm stubborn and intense and focused on my writing and my music a lot of the time. I don't understand big business and I didn't go to a top state college. You're brilliant - Harvey thinks the world of you, and I know he has a lot of faith in your talents in the business sphere. In that light, I don't want to disappoint you. So I never say anything. I know...write letters."

"But you write such beautiful letters." Elliot said softly. "Because you're that creative person inside. You say things so much better than I can - things I want to say but don't know how to. I don't think you're any kind of disappointment. And I know it's a lot to fling at you on Christmas day, considering the season and everything else. But I'm not sorry I mentioned it. Even if logistically we're a long way apart...well..."

He shrugged his shoulders.

"Harvey's been talking about a major business overhaul in the Californian branch of his company." He said slowly. "HQ is San Diego...which isn't so very far from Los Angeles, relatively speaking. Not when you compare it with DC. I...suppose I came here in part to see the premises, but also to see if I should put my name forward to lead the committee. It wouldn't necessarily be a permanent move, and I don't know if I will ever love California the way that you do. I just thought that, if I was nearby, we could see each other more easily. And I wanted to know there was a reason to do that, before I made any decisions."

Stormer stared at him for a moment, then a smile touched her lips.

"You'd come to Cali just to be near me?" She whispered. "Oh don't, Elliot, you'll set the romantic idiot inside of me off on the weepies. No guy's ever wanted to do that for me before."

"Well, if you'd want to see me, I'll tell Harvey to list me." Elliot squeezed her hand gently. "Weepies or otherwise. What do you say?"

"I say that I'd really like to have you around." Stormer nodded. "Really's the best Christmas present you could have brought me, you know. And if you're here for Harvey, Pizzazz can't possibly send you away...not this time. But are you really sure you want to move across the country like that?"

"That's not an issue. I travel so much I'm barely at home in DC anyway, some days." Elliot assured her. "You were the important factor in my decision making."

He grinned at her.

"And now I know your mind, I can settle mine." He added. "But not here...I thought I heard sounds from upstairs and I don't really want to encounter Harvey's daughter if I can help it. It's early, but do you want to head back to the hotel with me? I'm sure there's time to sit and chat before dinner."

"I'd love to." Stormer assured him. "Let me just write a note for the others and find some water for my flowers. If you want to wait outside, I'll understand - I'll be ready in two ticks, I promise."

She paused, then reached up to give him a kiss on the cheek.

"And thank you." She added. "It's already turning out to be a much better Christmas than the one I had in mind!"

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

"Merry Christmas."

Jetta opened her eyes sleepily, rolling over onto her back as she tried to bring the bedroom into proper focus.

Her husband sat on his side of the bed, watching her with a mixture of affection and amusement and she blinked, reaching up to rub her eyes.

"What?" She murmured. "Sorry, what did you say?"

"I said Merry Christmas, and you're still off with the fairies." Justin laughed, leaning over to give her a kiss. "It's almost eleven o' clock. I would've let you sleep, but our reservations for dinner are half twelve and you know you'll want to get ready. Plus, I wanted to know when we were going to exchange presents. Yours just about fits under that tiny thing you dare call a tree downstairs, you know...shall we leave all of the festive stuff till we get back from the restaurant?"

Jetta pulled herself into a sitting position, idly pulling her thick wavy hair back from her face with her fingers. She reached for a spare band, tying it into a loose ponytail.

"Festive stuff?" She echoed, a confused look on her face. "You give me a present, I give you a present...isn't that 'ow it works? What's festive about that?"

"Oh, you are such a grinch." Justin reached over to tickle her, making her squeal and push his hand away. "Do you mean to tell me you have no Christmas spirit inside of you at all? Not even a little bit? Jetta, I'm surprised at you. What about when you were a kid? What did your Grandpa used to do at Christmas? You can't tell me he didn't get you a present."

"Gramps?" Jetta frowned, leaning back against the headboard. "Guess 'e did. But Jeremy and I were children then. Christmas is for kids, Justin. Jumpin' around and singin' Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer ain't really my cup of tea, if you know what I mean."

Justin shook his head slowly.

"Hopeless." he decided. "Oh well. I'll just have to force it into you one way or another, won't I?"

"I just don't see the point in all the fuss, that's all." Jetta admitted. "Sure, there are some wicked parties goin' down at this time of year. You get a day or two off work, an' there's some decent grub on hand. But what's with all the decoratin' an' singin' an' crap, anyway? Those paper things look tacky an' only 'ave to be dragged down again after."

She pursed her lips.

"I remember Laura's Mom used to go mental on the garlands an' tinsel, an' then throw several fits tryin' to get it all down before Twelfth Night, because it was bad luck or somethin'." She added. "What's the point in that? Too much effort. Waste of time."

She pushed back the covers, sliding her feet over the side of the bed. "An' as for the Christmas songs, well, don't they ever write any new ones? They've been playin' some of those tracks since I was in junior school an' before it, too. Once you've 'eard one of them, you've 'eard most of them. Not to mention you yanks 'ave a funny idea of Christmas dinner. Not a bleedin' turkey in sight."

"Well, we kinda do that on Thanksgiving." Justin acknowledged. Jetta rolled her eyes.

"Yes." She agreed. "Another bloody pointless 'oliday, designed for people with families to shove it down the throats of those who don't."

"And yet you do want a Christmas present." Justin teased. Jetta grinned.

"Of course." She agreed. "That is the only bit of Christmas I'm willin' to go along with. An' in answer to your question, I can wait till we come back from lunch. If it's goin' on for 'alf eleven now, I'll need all the time to get up and dressed. I want to look classy to go out in public, even if it is only Christmas."

She got to her feet, reaching lazily for her towel and wrapping it absently around her shoulders. "What did you mean, when you said festive stuff? Tell me you don't 'ave somethin' planned, Justin...?"

"I have nothing planned, Jetta." Justin told her obediently. Jetta raised an eyebrow at him and he held up his hands, grinning.

"I promise." He assured her. "Just presents and maybe a little bit of Christmas music. I have some cassettes in one of the boxes and I dug them out the other day. Plus there's a good movie on this evening. You can't possibly want to go out clubbing on Christmas Day, can you?"

"Guess not." Jetta owned. "Most of the best clubs are shut today, worse luck. All right. We'll play it your way. Though if this grub is any good, we might just as easily sleep the afternoon away in front of the telly. And I want you to know, Justin, that just because we're 'avin' a quiet Christmas in this year, I ain't settlin' to wedded domesticity. I 'appen to like clubs an' nights out an' bein' taken out for a good time. So don't think just because you got a ring on this finger that you can stash me away at 'ome an' save your pennies. I'm not that kind of chick."

"If you had been, I probably wouldn't have married you." Justin told her playfully. "It's understood. You like to live, and I like to play it dangerously. That's what keeps us together, you know. You're my adrenalin rush. Now go take a shower, huh? There should be hot water. I'll go downstairs and let you concentrate - just remember we need to leave at about quarter past twelve, okay?"

"Understood." Jetta nodded her head. "I'll be ready, don't worry. I'm damn starvin' this morning. I ain't 'ad any breakfast, remember, seein' as I slept right through. I'll be eatin' the table if you ain't careful."

"Then I'll see you downstairs in about an hour, huh?" Justin grinned. "I've got my smart togs down there, because I know you when you're in a getting-ready haze. I don't want to suffocate from perfume and hair-spray fumes."

"Git." Jetta tossed her towel in his direction, and he caught it deftly, tossing it back.

"That's why you love me." He agreed cheerfully. "I'll see you shortly."

With that he withdrew and Jetta wound her towel once more around her shoulders, pushing open the door to the en-suite bathroom that led off the main bedroom to the rear. A moving crate still stood in one corner, piled high with bits and pieces from the Gabor mansion, and she eyed it ruefully, slipping past it to the shower and reaching up to turn the knob. She ran her fingers absently under the warming shards of water, slipping out of her night clothes and grabbing her shower gel from the rack beside the bath.

"This house is so full of things to do an' he wants to get festive." She muttered, as she washed, fumbling around for the shampoo to do her hair. "It's all too much bother an' lord knows we've 'ad a crazy enough few weeks. It's all very well, bein' Christmas an' all, but God only knows what it'll be like livin' with him permanently. Sometimes he does my bloody 'ead in, bein' so cheerful first thing in the damn mornin'."

She glanced down at the slim gold band that encircled her fourth finger, eying it contemplatively.

"I guess that's what you get when you say I do to a bloke in Vegas." She reasoned out loud. "He'll do, I guess. I mean, I don't want 'im not there. It just seemed a heck of a lot easier before we went nuts and did the whole weddin' thing. Everythin' is still so complicated. I just 'ope I straighten it out in my 'ead all right without us fightin' over it again. I don't feel trapped exactly - just...sometimes I need my own space, an' I don't 'ave that any more. It's nice in one way but old 'abits die 'ard. I guess we'll just wait an' see. He has some bloody odd ideas sometimes."

As she finished washing her hair, she stepped out of the shower, wrapping the towel firmly around her and humming a Misfit song under her breath as she headed back into the bedroom, rummaging through her wardrobe for the outfit she wanted. As she skimmed through her clothes, she fingered her Misfit stage wear, a thoughtful smile touching her face.

"One of these days, I'll go out in public as Jetta the Misfit, with this damn ring on me finger an' without gloves." She murmured. "One day soon. But not today. Today I'm goin' to be chic an' classy an' see if anyone's got the smarts to spot a Misfit in among the preppy stuck ups that go to these damn places to eat. Noone 'as yet, blind morons. But that's part of the fun...maybe today will be the day!"

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