The Jem Series
Adventure In China

Synopsis: Jem and the Holograms fly to China to perform for their fans out there, but the Misfits are also about and when Jem has trouble at customs because she won't take off her earrings, Eric formulates a plan. Roxy steals Jerrica's Jemstar earrings, and the Misfits have several copies made, confusing the Holograms as to which are the real pair, in order to prevent Jem from performing her big concert at the Great Wall, however Jem finds help from a little girl named Lin...
For some strange reason, Roxy appears to be lead Misfit in this story, but even more interesting is that here we have our very *first* hint that our Roxy might not be able to read. Can you spot where?? :)
Songs: Love Unites Us (Jem and the Holograms), Can't Catch Me (The Misfits) Something is Missing In My Life (Jem <as Jerrica> and the Holograms)



Stormer pretends she doesnt care about seeing "some wall".

The Holograms relax at a spa

Scheming Misfits

Time for the big concert!