A Misfit Should Be...

Chapter Eight: Kimber's Plan

“So? What did Stormer have to say, Kimber?” Aja sat down on the big couch, her expression expectant. “Does she know where Dierdra is?”

“No, she doesn’t.” Kimber shook her head. “But…oh, I can’t tell you everything she told me, she made me promise I wouldn’t!”

“So how are we supposed to use it to help us, then?” Shana enquired. “By the way, I think Jerrica’s back. I heard her car.”

“I don’t know how.” Kimber frowned. “I can’t break my word though, can I?”

“No, I suppose you can’t.” Aja sighed. “Okay, Kimber, no need to get wound up about it. What can you tell us? There must be something.”

“Stormer says that it is the jewel thief guy that has Dierdra. I can’t tell you how she knows, but she knows for sure. Also…also, she says that he’ll be at the Misfit concert come Saturday. Apparently he…has something of a fancy for Roxy.” Kimber paused, getting a better hold of her composure. She wasn’t lying, exactly, for Stormer had told her about his flirtatious remarks to Roxy, but she knew she was leaving a major part of things out.

“But I promised.” She told herself with a sigh. “So I can’t mention that Jetta. Oh, I bet she is involved in it all! She gives me the creeps!”

“For Roxy?” Shana raised an eyebrow. “Well, no accounting for taste.”

“He’s a psychotic jewel thief with a penchant for armed robbery. His taste in women doesn’t surprise me.” Aja said dryly. “So that’s it? That’s all you can tell us? What about Jetta? I thought we agreed she was involved.”

“I can’t tell you any more than what I’ve already said.” Kimber said firmly. “Anyway, I think I know how to stop this jerk. Stormer said he was stalking J…the Misfits, so he’s appearing at their concerts and so on…if we go along on Saturday then we might well find him and be able to track him back to where he’s keeping Dierdra.”

“Sounds risky. And dangerous.” Aja frowned. “I think we should talk to Jerrica before we make any hard and fast decisions, Kimber.”

“Yeah, who wants to go to a Misfit concert anyway?” Shana agreed.

“Ask me about what?” The girls turned to see Jerrica in the doorway, Raya in tow. “You all look very serious! What’s up?”

“Well, we know a little more than we did first thing this morning.” Quickly Aja outlined what Kimber had told them. “It isn’t much, I know, but it’s a start. Kimber thinks we should track him down from the concert.”

“Aren’t we being a bit hasty? We don’t know that he will be there, only that it’s a possibility.” Jerrica pointed out. “It could be a hoax.”

“Stormer wouldn’t lie to me!” Kimber exclaimed.

“I’m not saying Stormer did.” Jerrica said patiently. “But whoever told her the information might be lying. Did you think of that?”

“Stop playing the big sister with me, Jerrica!” Kimber exclaimed. “I know more than you do, so listen to me for a change, okay?”

“Oh, this isn’t the time for one of your tantrums.” Jerrica looked impatient. “Please, Kimber, try to act a bit more grown up? Dierdra’s life could be at stake here – I just want to be sure before we rush into anything.”

“Well, I’m going.” Kimber folded her arms. “Whether you lot are or not. And he’ll be there, you’ll see.”

“Maybe Kimber’s right.” Raya suggested quietly.

“What do you mean?” Jerrica glanced at the drummer in surprise.

“Well, we only have a few more days left before the deadline. We should not just shrug this off as a hoax. I think we should check it out.”

“Thank you, Raya!” Kimber exclaimed. “I’m not saying we should take any silly risks like jump on him and confront him, but we have to get Dierdra back and this is the only lead we have!”

“Well, all right. If you really think he’ll be at the concert.” Jerrica sighed. “It just seems strange to me that someone who’s meant to be a criminal in hiding is so willing to appear in public places, especially with his photo all over the place.”
“The photo in the news is lousy. Trust me, I’ve been through every article there is on that guy.” Aja said with a frown. “He could be anyone. If I squint at it, he could even be Craig, that’s how bad the picture is.”
“Okay, I don’t think he’s likely to be Craig.” Despite herself, Jerrica laughed. “But if this picture is as bad as all that, how will we recognise him?”

“Kimber?” Shana glanced at the redhead.

“Stormer recognised him from the television pic.” Kimber responded with a shrug. “How hard can it be?”

“How did Stormer get mixed up in this, anyway?” Jerrica wondered.

“He came into their dressing room at the concert and flirted with Roxy.” Kimber replied slowly. “Then she saw the story on the news that night and put two and two together.”

“But Roxy and the others haven’t guessed it?”

“I don’t think that Pizzazz was there, and you know Roxy. Thick as two short planks.” Kimber giggled.

“What about Jetta? You still haven’t explained that to us.” Shana put in.

“Yeah, Kimber, Shana’s right.” Jerrica nodded. “Laura and the others said that Dierdra claimed to have seen this guy in Jetta’s car. What’s that all about? Is Jetta involved?”

“Stormer says she isn’t.” Kimber replied flatly. “And that’s all I’m saying, Jerrica. Stormer doesn’t want anyone to get into any trouble by making wild accusations.”

“That sounds like Stormer.” Aja observed. “All right, Kimber, we’ll stop the twenty questions routine.” She considered. “Seems to me that it’s the best idea if only a couple of us show at the concert. The other Misfits will be suspicious if we all turn up there en mass.”

“Like they’re not going to be suspicious if one or two of us suddenly decide to make an appearance.” Shana snorted.

“Well, I said I’m going.” Kimber put in.

“Aja, you go with her, huh? You can fight off most comers if you have to.” Jerrica grinned at her friend. “Go and be stubborn and unreasonable to him, that’ll sort him out.”

“Okay.” Aja returned the grin. The stubborn and unreasonable remark was a standing joke between them. “So if Kimber and I go, what will the rest of you do?”

“We’ll see what Synergy can find out on whatever you report back to us, so stay near a phone. Maybe we’ll be able to provide reinforcements if you guys should need it.” Jerrica responded.

“Sounds like a plan to me.” Raya grinned. “I hope that it is not a hoax, Kimber. Poor Dierdra, she must be so afraid!”

“Well, I only hope she’s all right.” Jerrica sighed. “Anyway, there’s nothing more we can do tonight. Kimber, you’d better tell Stormer what we’re planning to do. Maybe she can help out somehow.”

“I will. I’m going to meet her this evening at Pete’s.” Kimber nodded her head. “We arranged to meet up and exchange information then.”

“Stormer’s been really helpful to us, hasn’t she?” Shana observed.

“Yeah, but then she’s not like the other Misfits that way.” Aja agreed. “Knowing Craig has meant I’ve learnt a lot more about Stormer…it’s a mystery to both of us why she gives so much time to those creeps.”

“And why she turned down the chance to be a Hologram, even though she admitted she was happy when with us.” Raya added.

“I think she feels some kind of loyalty to the Misfits. They needed her and she has too much heart to let them flounder.” Jerrica responded. “I actually admire her for that, even though it must have been a hard choice to make.”

“I think she’s crazy.” Kimber put in. “Wasting her talent on those losers.”

“She sure has a lot of talent.” Aja nodded. “Well, I guess she’d have to have, to keep the Misfits as successful as they are.”

“We’re getting off the point.” Jerrica sounded impatient. “Come on, lets leave this for now, anyway. Laura’s welfare officer will be here any minute and I need to talk to her in person. Kimber, let us know what Stormer has to say, all right?”

“Of course.” Kimber agreed. “Ooh, outrageous, I feel like a real spy now!”

“Don’t get carried away, kid.” Aja warned her. “We’ve a lot to do before we get a shot at rescuing Dierdra!”


“I can’t believe you talked me into this.”
Jetta paused in the doorway of the café, a hunted expression on her face. “What good is this gonna do, anyway? I thought I’d done me bit already.”

“Come on, you know this is important.” Stormer responded, her tones persuasive. “It’ll just be a few minutes – ten or fifteen at most, and isn’t it worth it if it gets that brother of yours off your back?”

“Yeah, I guess so.” Jetta sighed. “All right, ducks. Lets get this over with.”

“Stormer!” Kimber was waiting at the bar when the girls entered, and her eyes widened in surprise when she saw that her friend was not alone. “Jetta?”

“This ain’t my idea of fun either, Hologram.” Jetta told her darkly. “But Stormer seems to think it might be a good idea, so ‘ere I am. And she’d better be right, too.” She added, shooting Stormer a warning glance.

“Well, we worked out a plan of action. Aja and I are coming to your concert on Saturday and we’re going to trail him back to wherever he’s keeping Dierdra.” Kimber shrugged, deciding not to question further. “Listen, Jetta, you’d better be telling us the truth about all of this. Shielding a kidnapper is a serious thing.”

“Look ‘ere, yank, do you think I’d be ‘ere talkin’ to a wimp like you if I ‘ad any choice in the matter?” Jetta demanded. “I want ‘im stopped as much as you do, so can the threats routine. It don’t suit you. I’ve told Stormer all I know, and if that’s all this is going to be about I’m leavin’.” She began to get to her feet.

“Jetta, wait.” Stormer grabbed her companion around the wrist. “We didn’t come here to argue, we’re trying to get that brother of yours back where he belongs. Aren’t we?”

Jetta glared at the synth player, but she saw that she was trapped and with a muttered curse she sank back down on her seat.

“All right.” She retorted. “But make it quick.”

“How will you recognise him?” Stormer asked. “It was pure fluke that I saw him on the news the same night we met him – it just clicked. But the picture is terrible…you could miss him.”

“‘E’s a master at blendin’ in.” Jetta nodded her head. She hesitated, then reached into her pocket, pushing something across the table.

“Here. If you dare speak a word to anyone about where you got this you’ll be eatin’ your keyboard, not playin’ it, but it might help.”

Kimber took the object, ignoring the threat, and glancing at it. It was a photograph, much clearer than the one on the news, and a grin crossed her face.

“Outrageous!” She exclaimed. “We’ll get him for sure, now!”

“Well, don’t botch it up.” Jetta warned. “‘E won’t forget you, once he knows you’re after ‘im. And I ‘ave no mind to let ‘im find out I ‘ad anything to do with this. The only reason I’m cooperating with you now is because the idea of me cooperating with an ‘Ologram is something too bizarre for him to believe.”

“Don’t worry. I do know how to keep my mouth shut.” Kimber retorted.

“Right, then if that’s all I’m off.” Jetta stood, and this time Stormer did not try and stop her. “Later, Stormer. Don’t spend too long with this wimp, will you?”

And with that, she was gone.

“I hate that girl.” Kimber growled.

“I’m sorry, but I had to bring her.” Stormer looked troubled. “And she did give you the picture. I had no idea she’d brought that along.” She paused. “You see, she does want to help.”

“No, she wants to protect her own precious image. She couldn’t give two hoots about Dierdra.” Kimber shook her head. “Still, as you said, we have the picture now.” She slipped it into her own jacket pocket. “Are you sure that he’ll be at the concert? Jerrica was way sceptical. I almost didn’t convince her we should go.”

“He’ll be there.” Stormer nodded. “When I got back from the Mansion earlier I made an anonymous phone call to Cool Trash magazine, claiming that Jetta had some big secret she was going to reveal at the next Misfit concert. Word will spread – scandal always does. He won’t risk not being there…he’ll want to shut her up.”

“Outrageous! You’re far more devious than I realised.” Kimber giggled. “Guess you learnt something, spending so much time with the Misfits.”

“Yeah, guess so.” Stormer grinned. “I only hope it works, Kimber. This guy’s a real creep.”

“He must be, if even Jetta’s willing to take our side against him.” Kimber agreed. “But we’ll get him, Stormer, don’t you worry. Just make sure you let us know that he’s about, if you can, and we’ll see about the rest.”

“Okay. I’ll do what I can.” Stormer nodded. “I have to try not to let Roxy or Pizzazz know what’s up, though. They’d never forgive me for helping a Hologram.” She frowned. “And I don’t think Jetta will help us any more. I had to plead with her to come tonight.”

“She’s done enough.” Kimber replied. “And I’d rather not have her company.” She paused. “Say, does this guy really have a thing for Roxy?”

“I don’t know. I think he was winding Jetta up.” Stormer shrugged. “I only saw him for a couple of minutes, Kimber.”

“Well, whatever his motives, so long as he’s there on Saturday, we’ll get him.” Kimber responded. “And before you know it, Dierdra will be back home where she belongs.”

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