The Jem Series
Aztec Enchantment

Synopsis: Video is entering a competition to win the only award she doesnt yet have, so she takes Jem and the Holograms to Mexico to film their next music video in a secret location - an Aztec ruin. But Video reckons without her snooping cousin Clash, who finds out the location and then persuades the Misfits that they should come with her to Mexico to film their own video to enter the competition.
Jem and the holograms meet a local boy, Paco, who helps them to find the ruins, but is obsessed with getting to 'el norte' and who is tricked by a local thief into luring Jem into danger. There are also hints of romance between Raya and the Mexican guide.
Songs: Aztec Enchantment (Jem and the Holograms), Welcome To The Jungle (The Misfits - repeated song), Love Will Show The Way (Jem and the Holograms).


Rio and Aja "ape" around

"I am snarling, darling!"

Aww, Raya gets cute with Luis Giraldo

"You're flippin' nuts, you are!"

Welcome to the jungle!

Pizzazz gets catty with Jem

Holograms, aztec style :D

The Holograms and Paco :)