The Jem Series
The Bands Break Up

 Synopsis: Kimber and Stormer are both fed up with being exploited and not taken seriously by their respective bands. After a chance encounter in a club, they are coaxed up on stage together to play, and they find that they actually make a good team. Putting their dislikes of each other aside they agree to play again the next night and soon they are attracting a big audience. After one performance a promoter by the name of Dave Daniels coerces them into signing a contract with a clause in it that if they do not finish their record Kimber will lose her half of Starlight Music. The girls do not realise that Eric Raymond is behind the contract and that their efforts are being sabotaged. Meanwhile the Holograms and the Misfits are both waking up to the fact that they need their respective band-mates and do their best to convince them to come back, with little success. Though at first the Misfits' bribery tempts Stormer, her conscience makes her finish the record, however Eric refuses to promote it. In the end the two girls turn to Jerrica and the Holograms to promote their record, which as a result is an instant hit. Though Jerrica asks Stormer if she would like to be a Hologram, the Misfits beg her to return to them, admitting that they need her, and Stormer's good-hearted nature allows her to be convinced. Sadly there are no more Kimber and Stormer unions throughout the series, though the two do exchange the brief friendly word here and there in later episodes. Still, even taking that into account, it's a gem of an episode and Stormer is such a darling :) However I must stress that drinking tar and playing in traffic are things that you shouldn't try unless you're a trained pro...ahem :P
Songs: I'm Okay (Kimber and Stormer), Bad Influence (Jem and the Holograms/The Misfits), Gettin' Down To Business (Jem and the Holograms - repeated song)


Jem and Aja

Stormer has a bitchy moment. Must be that time of the month :P

What's this? Does Kimber nurture a secret desire to be a Misfit? Surely not!

Stormer "has faith in herself" hehe

Kimber gives Jerrica what for.

Roxy misses Stormer (hehe)

LinZ gets in on the action.

Pizzazz is most unamused...

...And Jem is scarcely more understanding!

Back 2 Back!