The Jem Series
Beauty And The Rock Promoter

Name: Beauty And The Rock Promoter
Synopsis: Yay! Another episode where Jem loses her marbles :) and another episode with ridiculously unbelievable English accents to sit and giggle at! Jem and the Holograms are callled to London to star in a Rock Opera version of Beauty and the Beast, but Jem takes her role too seriously and becomes obsessed with the beast till, completely exhausted, she collapses. Seeing nothing else for it, the Holograms ask the Misfits to take over, but Jem recovers herself in time to finish the show. Rio also has his typically jealous act throughout this show :) When will that boy learn?
Oh, and the show's producer pulls a great Jem/Jerrica switch on Jem herself ^_^ playing both the director and the beast, but not letting on till the end who he really is.
This episode also features some very entertaining acting from the Holograms :) Aja and Raya are naturals on the stage...
Songs: Let Me Go (Jem and the Beast), Our Love Makes You Beautiful (Jem and the Holograms), You'll Never Win My Love (Jem and the Holograms)


Red Johnny Mack

Jetta :)

The Holograms and Rio. Um.. The Beast. Well., same thing. :D

Shana and Raya play at being "ugly sisters" for Jem :)

"Rio, honey, you really need a shave.." hehehe

Pizzazz gets her moment of glory