New Character Biographies:
Meet the new additions - the characters that generated and grew during the course of writing.


Character History: Chimera was the first additional character that I created, and the second custom doll I attempted (so green in both departments). Originally the idea was to make her Graphix but as time went on she developed into someone completely seperate :)
Chimera means 'dream'.

Story Appearances: Who Is She Anyway?, Anything For Love, Clash's Revolt. She appears also in Jewel's World as the mother of Diablo keyboardist and songwriter Marissa Young.

Character Profile : Decided, composed, fiesty and impetuous, Chimera is a young up and coming video artist who knows she has talent and how best to use it. After a clash with the Misfits and the Stingers, Chimera winds up working with the Misfits, who employ her many talents to produce their music videos. Despite her inexperience, she is an immediate hit in the business.

Chimera is the daughter of a rock singer called Steven Mayor, who died of a cocaine overdose when she was a child. She never knew him, however, and grew up hating him for abandoning her mother when she was a baby. Ashamed of her conception, she knows that her mother was once wife to the billionaire Harvey Gabor and that she was the catalyst that broke up the Gabor marriage. Though aware from the first meeting with Pizzazz that they share blood, she keeps it a secret for as long as possible because she fears it might threaten her career. There is no love lost between her and the Misfit singer, though she enjoys better relationships with the rest of the band.

Chimera's chequered heritage prevented her from doing much travelling, so she relishes every new location she visits. Her closest friend is Sakura, with whom she does most of her best work.

The Boring Disclaimer:
The Misfits were created by Hasbro and given life by Christy Marx and the writers of the Jem series. However, the events, concepts and plotline contained in this story is my own and may not be duplicated. Justin, Gianina and any character not featured in the Jem cartoon are entirely my creation and are also not to be duplicated anywhere else.