New Character Biographies:
Meet the new additions - the characters that generated and grew during the course of writing.


Character History: The fourth stinger, created for a story that never got finished, but that belongs somewhere in before Clash's Revolt. Bits of it are somewhere on a disk...maybe one day I will finish it and upload it properly :P Magique is the French word for magic :)

Story Appearances: Actually, none as yet in the early world stories, despite the fact she was created to be involved in all of that stuff. She appears regularly in Jewel's World, however, where her past *will* be fully explored and explained in time :)

Character Profile : Magique is a young French girl who played drums as a child. She is very sophisticated in both her attitude and her attire, and she attracts Riot's attention right away. Though she is not as good a percussionist as Raya or Craig, her charms soon prove to be on a par with Riot's own, and she is adopted as the new Stinger when Rapture walks out, even though Riot had already made it clear they were looking for a guitarist.

Though she and Minx do get along, her closest bond proves to be with Rapture once Rapture returns to the band, since Magique has a large mischievous streak and is admiring of Rapture's cunning. Between them they are double trouble, something Minx is sometimes envious of.

Magique also has something of a shady past, though of the Stingers it is only Rapture who is perceptive enough to figure it out. Back in France she was involved in various dodgy dealing which led her to flee to America after a botched escape from prison took the life of her husband (and partner in crime) Jacques. Adopting a false identity, Magique alters her appearance and fakes her own drowning before quitting French shores, in the hope of evading her pursuers. Her stage name became more of a shelter to hide behind, and she never speaks of her past to her bandmates, preferring the mystery and preferring not to answer questions. Though there is something of a gamble in being such a public figure, the temptation to be a star and flaunt herself and her freedom is too much for her to resist.

Magique has no family except for an old aunt in Paris whom she is strangely fond of, and her brother Francois, who was also occasionally involved in her and Jacques' dodgy dealing. Since her flight abroad she has lost contact with her aunt and therefore is pretty much alone in the world except for her brother who masquerades as her musical agent.

Many people in France believe the myth of her death, even though a body was never found...

The Boring Disclaimer:
The Misfits were created by Hasbro and given life by Christy Marx and the writers of the Jem series. However, the events, concepts and plotline contained in this story is my own and may not be duplicated. Justin, Gianina and any character not featured in the Jem cartoon are entirely my creation and are also not to be duplicated anywhere else.