New Character Biographies:
Meet the new additions - the characters that generated and grew during the course of writing.

SAFFRON (Meredith Allen)

Character History: Take a picture of shana, colour her hair yellow...and that's where Saffron came from. Tragic, I know...but true ;)

Story Appearances: Anything For Love. Saffron does not appear in Jewel's World.

Character Profile : Saffron is a catwalk model from San Diego. An old school associate of Pizzazz, she has a tendency to be catty where Pizzazz is concerned. Not from a wealthy family, Saffron has worked her way up the ladder from the bottom to get to where she is now, and she comes back into Pizzazz's life when she is hired to model Shana and Regine's new designs on a television spectacular which the Misfits are also performing at. Pizzazz is insanely jealous when she discovers how successful her old sparring partner has become from her humble beginnings.

Though she is not fond of Pizzazz, Saffron is not a bitchy character at heart, and befriends Stormer before she realises who the Misfits really are. She soon proves a great favourite with the Holograms, in particular Shana with their mutual love of fashion.

Saffron is the youngest child of a family of six, three brothers and two sisters. Her parents are both dead, and her family mostly work in Europe these days, since her father was English and her mother American. Married at nineteen, she is a single mother to six year old twin girls, Cerise and Katya, since her husband, an alcoholic womaniser walked out on her less than a year after the wedding. Despite support from her elder sister Anne-Marie, she is determinedly independant and a good mother.

The Boring Disclaimer:
The Misfits were created by Hasbro and given life by Christy Marx and the writers of the Jem series. However, the events, concepts and plotline contained in this story is my own and may not be duplicated. Justin, Gianina and any character not featured in the Jem cartoon are entirely my creation and are also not to be duplicated anywhere else.