The Jem Series

Synopsis: Well, what can I say? The website's namesake episode!! Basically, Jetta's bluff is called by Roxy one time too many :) The Misfits head to England after Jetta boasts about knowing royalty once too often, and she does her best to arrange a facade to keep Roxy and Pizzazz fooled (Stormer has headed off to London to see her brother, who is playing there). However there are wheels within wheels that she and her family don't know about, most particularly the fact that the real Earl of the estate the Burns family takes over is due to claim his title very soon, and his uncle wants rid of him very badly indeed.
Meanwhile, Jem and the Holograms are playing at a club called the Unicorn in London, with a band called the Blue Bloods, who just happen to have Craig Phillips on drums and the real Earl to be as leader. Stormer greets their arrival with some consternation and Craig's attempts to tell Aja that he and Stormer are related backfire some when she assumes they are husband and wife. A bomb in the drum creates an explosion that almost kills both Craig and Stormer, but Aja and the Blue Bloods rescue them. (May I suggest that James Blue Blood has rather a thing for Stormer?)
I would say it's a happy ending, but it isn't, quite. The real Earl returns to claim his title and Pizzazz realises she has been tricked - I have to feel very sorry for Jetta at the end of this episode - you don't often see her lacking in confidence or composure, but here is one of those times :(.
Songs: I'm Gonna Hunt You Down (The Misfits), Between You And Me (Jem and the Holograms).

Sound Clip: Jetta formulates her plan with her parent's help (Zip file, 454kb)

Aja and Craig :) Ain't they sweet?
Jem and Mason.
Jetta realises it's harder to ride a horse than she thinks
Mason and James
The Misfits visit the stables
Stormer coaxes Craig to go after Aja