(Of course, there are far more than this, but these are the backbone of those cast members not yet mentioned)


Spoken Voice : Michael Sheehan. Michael Sheehan has also done voicework as BamBam on the Flintstone's Spinoff about the kids and their dinosaur - among other interesting things :D) 
Singing Voice: Gordon Grody, as Riot. Rio only has the one line (this is Farewell), and it's clearly the same guy.

Spoken Voice: Noelle North. It's possible but not confirmed that Noelle also voiced Astral, who appeared only in one Episode, "That Ol' Houdini Magic". Can anyone confirm or negate this? 
Singing Voice: She doesnt sing.

Spoken Voice: As yet I have not been able to conclusively determine who did Danse's voice. I'd like to know though. I have wondered about Tammy Amerson, but I really havent a clue. Having listened some to the My Little Pony movie, it's also possible that Danse was voiced by Cathy Cavadini (Who also appears on the Jem titles, but is credited as North Star on the MLP Movie). See how many options there are? 
Singing Voice: Not applicable - she doesn't. (Although the opening strains of Only Me and the Music (clip only) sound very like Danse's speaking voice - could it be possible that Britta Phillips herself did Danse's speaking voice?? Food for thought though unconfirmed :D

Spoken Voice: Sadly, I don't know this one, either. I'd very much like to, however...sometimes I do wonder fleetingly if it could be Noelle North, sometimes Video can sound kinda like Clash, but this could well be complete coincidence. Heck, if you listen to THIS clip...she could even be Sue Blu!!! I've had a couple of people email me (thank you!) to suggest she might be voiced by Cathy Cavadini!
Singing Voice: She doesn't. Thankfully.

Spoken Voice: Marlene Aragon. I think it also possible that Marlene does the voice for Joanie, though I can't be sure.
Singing Voice: Synnie doesnt sing :D

Spoken Voice: Charles Adler. Charlie Adler also does the voice for Techrat, and there is a LONG list of other shows which he has voiced on. He also voiced certain villains in the My Little Pony show - seems he likes voicing the bad guys! 
Singing Voice: Are you kidding me?!?!

Other Cast Members
T.K Carter = Anthony Julian (Shana's boyfriend and the guy who produces the first Hologram video)
Neil Ross = Howard Sands (The Movie Producer who offers the contest in the first place)
Wally Burr = Harvey Gabor (Pizzazz's father, and has also been linked with Emmet Benton. Burr is also the voice director)
Jack Angel = Emmet Benton (Kimber and Jerrica's Papa)
Dan Gilvezan = Sean Harrison (Kimber's very not English beau from England :P)