Thanks to pranceatron for help with Nancy's name and the names Delerae and Jo Ellen :) These are the twelve Starlight Girls - there is also Laura Holloway, who makes an honourary appearance in the episode Alone Again :)


Spoken Voice: Cathianne Blore (Ashley sounds a lot like Kimber, if you listen!) 
Singing Voice: Ashley has one song, "I see me a star" in the Jem Jam. Sadly I don't know who sings it on her behalf.

Spoken Voice: Under some debate. My personal bet is for Bobbie Block. In Treasure Hunt, BaNee sounds a lot like Roxy to me. 
Singing Voice: Apparently Ari Gold. I know nothing other than his (yes his) name, though.

Spoken Voice: Cindy McGee. Yes, she sounds like a young Shana. What better giveaway than that? 
Singing Voice: Now, this I don't know. It's *possible* that its Ullanda McCullough but I really don't know and that's grabbing at straws - I'm pretty sure Ullanda is a Hologram backing singer, so it would fit..

Spoken voice:  Patricia Albrecht :) I'm certain of it. Dierdre can sound JUST like Pizzazz. 
Singing Voice: Dierdre doesn't sing.

Spoken Voice: Someone on the jem list suggested that Becky could be voiced by Tammy Amerson - and it's more than possible IMO. 
Singing voice: Becky doesn't sing.

Spoken Voice: Um. Not sure. Haseen suggested to me as being Cindy McGee again.
Singing Voice: Lela doesn't sing.

Spoken Voice: Patricia Albrecht
Singing Voice: She doesnt.

Spoken Voice: No idea. 
Singing Voice: She Doesnt.
NB Marianne and Terri are confused in the animation for the opening of One Jem Too Many, but Trick or Techrat shows the true Terri (Blech).

I think this is Marianne (because of the terri mix-up). The other possible is that she could be Jo Ellen...and the brunette with the flower Marianne. Gah. Cartoons.
Spoken voice: No idea.
Singing voice: She doesn't.
NB Marianne and Terri are confused in the animation for the opening of One Jem Too Many, but Trick or Techrat shows who Terri actually is (and suggests the other is Marianne)

I think that this is Jo Ellen, because of the Marianne mix-up at the beginning of One Jem Too Many. She's either Jo Ellen or Marianne for sure :) But I'm sticking with Jo Ellen.
I haven't yet found a spoken line for the gal :P

Least, I think that;s her name.
I found what I think is her only line :| when going through Music Awards part 1 for captures. I think it's done by Bobbie Block.

I promise that the Jewelfic character naming was entirely coincidental of this gal, LOL :)
I haven;t found a line for Nancy the Starlight Girl yet.