(Thanks to Laura Dunlop for the captures of the Stingers)

Spoken Voice: Apparently Townsend Coleman. If so, Riot shares a speaking voice with Michaelangelo of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles *grins* How apt. People familiar with the Turtles series might recognise him more easily as the slimy "Rat King" - he stands out a MILE. Aside from the TMNT series, he also voiced Capeman in Inspector Gadget, and had an award nomination for his voicework in "The Tick". Um, no comments here :) I do also wonder if he might have been Cisco, Danse's blind boyfriend, but I don't know for sure. 

Singing Voice
: Lots of debate on this one. Initially thought to be Ford Kinder, it now seems confirmed that Riot's singing voice is actually that of Gordon Grody. The "doublevoice" effect on stinger tracks is exactly that - two seperate octaves spliced together. Neat :)

Spoken Voice: Kath Soucie. Believe it or not Kath has a list longer than my arm of impressive credits. Among her other appearances are "Janine" from The Real Ghostbusters cartoon, "Linka" from Captain Planet (I knew that voice was familiar...), plus roles in various Disney sequel movies and Sonic the Hedgehog! 

Singing Voice
: Minx has one actual singing line of her own (in Destiny), but I couldn't tell you who sings it.

Spoken Voice: Ellen Gerstell. Yet another MLP link here: Ellen Gerstell voiced Magic Star in the My Little Pony movie. Aside from this, she, like her character's singing alter ego was involved in anime: Tenchi Muyo, to be exact, voicing for the American dub of Mihoshi, the rather dizzy police officer. Apparently she's also known as Jean Schwartz - I couldn't tell you which is her real name, though I'm going with Ellen Gerstell, since it appears on more credits than the other. Perhaps more interestingly, there is a lot out there on this girl - and she even sang a track called "Sleeping Beauty On The Balcony"  (clip only) on one of the Tenchi Muyo issued CDs.  For anyone who cares, Ellen Gerstell was the original American dub voice artist for the character Mihoshi Kuramitsu - although it's not easy to hear a strong parallel between Mihoshi's voice and Rapture's.

Singing Voice:
  Vicki Sue Robinson. Tragically, the girl who sang for Rapture passed away in 2000 from cancer, at the decidedly premature age of 45. Let's hope Rapture's phenomenal singing is a fitting tribute to her ability. She was also involved in Pokemon up to her death - singing lead vocal on the track "Pokemon, Dance Mix" (clip only) on the "Gotta Catch 'Em All" CD. (Yes, I have verified this *g* she is in the credits as lead singer for this track, and if you listen, yes, you *can* hear it. Man, the things I do for Britrock...)