The Jem Series
A Change Of Heart

Synopsis: After Rio saves Minx from drowning she has a total personality reversal and decides to be helpful and nice for a change. But this brings it's own problems. What the Stingers initially assume to be one of her games soon grates on their nerves and she finds herself out of the band. Distraught, she runs to Rio and Jerrica for help and drives them mad by trying to do too much for them. After she takes over Rio's synthesiser project, makes the Starlight girls sick with too much candy and ice cream and sets a burglar alarm that noone can switch off, Jerrica must work out how to make Minx see that there is such a thing as 'too' helpful. Also features an amusing interlude with Pizzazz and a crab and Jem as a surf board...^_^. Though Jerrica's behaviour towards poor Minx is really inexcusably cruel, the real highlight of this episode for a misfit fan is seeing who you can spot in the Outta My Way video. Plaudits go to anyone who manages to find Roxy...because so far I can only find Pizzazz, Stormer (with holograms), Clash and Jetta (playing volleyball) and Eric. :P
Songs: Too Much (Jem and the Holograms), Outta My Way (The Misfits - repeated song. How ironic that their first hit is replayed as their last proper musical appearance), Are You Feelin' Alright? (The Stingers)


Rapture goads Minx

Challenge accepted!

Now there's a kodak moment!

Rio to the rescue!

Bosom buddies??

Ahh, that's more like it!