Well, she's not really a Misfit. She'd like to be, though. After befriending the Misfits in 'Starbright' , Clash only appears spasmodically (I really wish she had played a part in 'The Talent Search', because her reaction to Jetta's arrival in the band must have been a sight to see).She's often called a victim, but aside from the episode Video Wars (in which I really feel for her) she strikes me far more as someone who knows what she's doing and does what she needs to get where she wants to be. She often volunteers her help as opposed to waiting for orders, though she does get a few taps on the wrist for failing in Pizzazz's schemes. In many ways, though, her character weakens as it progresses (must be something to do with the change of  hair colour!). To begin with, Clash is a confident and clever operator, (in 'Last Resorts' she might as well be a Misfit, since she's definitely one of the gang, and even joins in on backing vocals in 'Workin Out/Doin' Me In') who gets herself in with the Misfits and thoroughly enjoys all she helps them to do. Pizzazz even refers to her as a 'friend' twice in Starbright.' There is no real mention this early on of a desire to 'be' a Misfit, being close to them is enough. (It's interesting to note at this juncture that in the 1988 Jem Annual (UK) Clash is actually included as a bona fide member of the band. Presumably, in Jetta's absence, to make up the numbers. She also strangely ranks *above* Stormer in these stories.)
However, things change later on - actually, after Jetta is made a part of the band, though not directly after (I wonder if that's the reason for it. My feeling here is that before Jetta joins the band Clash does not believe anyone else can or will join the Misfits  and she's as close to the group as anyone can ever be, so she's satisfied. As soon as they take on a new member - a stranger - Clash feels that her position is threatened and that's why she acts the way she does. Pizzazz is also meaner to her once Jetta is in the band...maybe she's lost patience, maybe she's decided that she doesn't need Clash as a friend, or maybe she just doesn't care what she says.). In 'Father's Day', it transpires that Clash has told her father that she is a Misfit, and she begs Pizzazz to make her one for the day. In 'Video Wars' she is little more than Pizzazz' puppet, but in spying undercover for the Misfits she develops an affinity for the Holograms and it confuses her as to where her loyalties should lie. In the end she is so desperate for the chance to become a Misfit (something it's hard to believe the other Misfits would ever agree to, taking into consideration Clash's lack of musical talent) she blows things big time...that is the last time  Clash appears in the show with a speaking part, although if you look *very* carefully at the video for the last Misfit performance of Outta My Way you can see her playing volleyball with Jetta and some other people (episode - A Change of Heart). Jem suggests to her that all she wants is to belong somewhere, and by the end I think this is true, though it isn't back when Clash is first introduced to us. When she makes her last exit she tells the Holograms that she'll 'show them all'...but she was never given a chance for this revenge - something I think was a shame, since it was the only hint of the old, fiery Clash in the whole episode!
Clash is cousin to 'Video' (Vivien Montgomery), who makes the music videos for the Holograms and does all she can to wreck everything Video does. She is also a master of disguise, impersonating both Video and Jem herself with great success, not to mention concealing her identity enough to be able to infiltrate the Holograms on tour. I really wonder if this is why she has this whole hair colour change gig going on *grins*. Throughout the first season, Clash's hair is aqua blue and red, and through the second it is purple. In one episode (Glitter and Gold), it's long and wavy, like the doll...otherwise it's all poofy with the rats tail. Flashback pictures in Father's Day show Clash's hair colour as natural purple, but it is a second year, well, who knows :D
Either way, I think she's underestimated sometimes... she's kinda neat.