Clash's Revolt

Chapter Sixteen: The End Of An Era

"This is weird."
Stormer glanced up from her manuscript book, casting her companion a quizzical look. Ir was a week on, and things had settled down, but not in the same way as they had always been before. The fact that Stormer and Kimber were stretched out on the grass behind the Starlight Mansion, writing abstract harmonies and discussing the latest fashions was a key example of how things had changed, even in such a short space of time.
"What do you mean, it's weird?" The Misfit asked now, shutting her book.
"Us being able to do this without being nagged." Kimber dimpled. "But what's weirder is that Aja ran across to the Gabor Estate this morning to get Roxy to help her fix the tire on the roadster. I can only imagine Pizzazz's expression when she turned up on the doorstep!"
"Pizzazz is finding it hard to get used to the truce idea." Stormer admitted. "But to be honest I'm glad so far it's holding. She got all petulant about it last night, but Jetta sat her down and gave her a blunt talking to about something. I don't know what exactly she said, but there have been no complaints against the peace since." She smiled. "Though she sulked her way through breakfast."
"Jerrica doesn't like it either." Kimber admitted. "But she agreed to it in the end because we all begged and pleaded with her to drop the rivalry. We don't need it, after all...and it's mad, but I don't feel so hostile as I did towards your bandmates. I'm not sure I like them all yet, but I'm starting to see little things in them which surprise me, and make me like them better."
"Well, you know I like the Holograms, even if I am kinda shy around Raya and Shana sometimes." Stormer giggled. "That's funny too, actually. I don't think there exist two more laid back people in the music business than Shana and Jetta."
"Me either." Kimber dimpled. "The thing is, I think this truce will actually hold out, so long as we can keep Jerrica quiet and you guys can tame Pizzazz. I don't know quite what happened when they were tied up together, but I think it's safe to say that they didn't hit it off that good."
"No...I got that impression too." Stormer laughed. "Still, the concert went off without a hitch...and more importantly, it's the end of a feud, so things are looking good for the future. You and I can hang out when we want to without getting our bands up in arms about it all...and I'm glad Roxy and Aja have hit it off so good, too. They're really very similar in a lot of ways, but Aja had the luckier break of getting in with your family."
"Roxy's tough, but Aja says she means well." Kimber replied. "You've said it too, so I guess it's true."
"I'd say so." Stormer nodded. "Even if she does go about things in the craziest way." She reached out to pick a daisy, idly toying with it. "What about Clash? What's the situation with her, do you know?"
"I know she and Video came to see Jerrica yesterday, and Clash and Jerrica talked for a long while." Kimber replied. "I don't know what they talked about, not really, but I think it cleared the air a little, because both seemed a little less stressed when it was over. Jerrica said too that she'd explained to Clash about the importance of Synergy's secret, and Clash had promised to keep it, even from Video. So that's all right."
"Yes." Stormer nodded. "I'm glad Rio could fix the earrings, too. It's difficult knowing about Jem's secret without Pizzazz finding out that I know, but it'd be twice as difficult if we all knew."
"I hope things just settle down and go quiet, now." Kimber admitted. "It's been a chaotic enough time and we all need a vacation. You have no idea what a relief it was to have Jerrica back, especially after I heard about what had happened. She might bug the heck out of me most days, but she's still my sister."
"Yeah." Stormer grinned. "I think that's part of the Video adopting Clash situation. They're family...hopefully Video can make a difference and sort Clash's problems out."
"Well, here's hoping." Kimber replied. "And here's to a new era of Hologram/Misfit friendships!"
"I'll second that!" Stormer exclaimed, tossing her daisy into the air with a grin. "I hope we'll all be friends forever!"

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