Clash's Revolt

Chapter Six – Trapped!

“Stormer, will you stop pacing?”
Roxy glanced up at her companion in irritation, as the synth player began another circuit of the lounge, her arms folded and a frown on her face. “It’s driving me crazy, and I’m trying to watch the T.V!”
“I’m sorry, Roxy.” Stormer sighed, sitting down in one of the other chairs that the Gabor Mansion’s main lounge boasted. “I’m just restless, that’s all. Pizzazz should have been back by now.”
“Well, she isn’t. Now shut up. Pizzazz can take care of herself.” Roxy turned her attention back towards the film she was watching.
Jetta, who had been changing her saxophone’s old reed for a new one in the far corner glanced up at this.
“Stormer’s right.” She said quietly. “It’s been near enough four hours, Roxy. It’s almost two o clock! I think something’s up.”
“Oh, are you guys gonna do this the whole night? Can’t you go to bed or something?” Roxy demanded. “Pizzazz will get back when she gets back. Chill, both of you!”
“What if something’s happened, though?” Stormer protested, getting to her feet once more and moving over to the window. “I’m worried.”
Roxy let out a groan of exasperation, reaching for the handset and clicking the television off.
“So, what do you suggest we do about it, miss fussy?” she demanded. “Go crash Pizzazz’s business meeting? Huh?”
“That works for me.” Jetta nodded grimly. “Stormer?”
“Well…crashing it is kinda…extreme.” Stormer faltered. “But I think we should go and check out what’s going on.”
“Sheesh, you’re both total drags to be with, you know that?” Roxy exclaimed. “Okay, already, I’m coming. But Pizzazz ain’t gonna like it.”
“Well, tough.” Jetta retorted. “Come on.”
“Who made you boss?” Roxy demanded.
“It doesn’t matter!” Stormer intervened. “Please, guys, don’t fight! I’m really worried about this whole thing and I have been since yesterday. It might be that Pizzazz needs our help.”
Roxy rolled her eyes but fell silent, and the three girls headed outside onto the front drive.
“How are we getting there? Growing wings and flying, perhaps?” Roxy demanded.
“We’ll take my car. Pizzazz took the van, so it’s either mine or Jetta’s.” Stormer replied. “Shall I drive?”
“What’s wrong with me driving?” Roxy asked.
“Well, duckie, we’d like to go to the beach and not the morgue.” Jetta said dryly. “You ain’t even passed a test yet – think we’re trusting you behind the wheel?”
“Well, you learnt to drive on the wrong side of the road.” Roxy retorted. “At least I can drive on American roads.”
“So can I, ducks, nothing to it.” Jetta shrugged carelessly. “That is, if you ‘ave a few brains to spare.”
“Oh, stop it, both of you!” In her anxiety Stormer found herself snapping and drawing surprised looks from her two companions. “Lets just go, shall we?”
“Touchy, touchy.” Roxy muttered as they got into the synth player’s car, Stormer revving the engine. She did not reply, merely putting the vehicle in reverse and pulling out onto the main road that led to the beach. It wasn’t a long journey, not when driving at speed, but to Stormer it seemed forever before the coastline became visible in the distance and she could pull into the car park.
“There’s the van!” Jetta pointed. “An’…is that the Rockin’ Roadster?”
“Yeah, looks like it.” Roxy grimaced. “So Jem kept her date, then.”
“Yeah.” Stormer nodded. “Well…shall we check it out?”
“You can. Pizzazz can yell at you.” Roxy responded.
“I’ll go.” Jetta shrugged. “Pizzazz doesn’t scare me, Roxy.” She sent her foe an infuriating smile, then pushed open the car door, sauntering across the parking lot and down the beach path towards the ‘beach hut’. During the day it was a meeting place for students, tourists and locals, but at night it was desolate and deserted. Despite herself, Stormer shivered. This whole thing gave her the creeps.
“Come on…we ought to go with her.” She said.
“You go, then. I’m happy here. You’re the one having the panic attack.” Roxy folded her arms.
“Well…you check the van, then, huh? Make sure Pizzazz isn’t there or something.” Stormer suggested.
“Oh, all right.” Roxy rolled her eyes. “Jeez, this is no fun.”
She followed her companion out of the vehicle and while Stormer hurried to catch Jetta up, Roxy headed to check out the Misfits’ van.
“Well? I thought you guys were chicken?” Jetta eyed Stormer in surprise.
“I figured two heads are better than one.” Stormer responded. “Roxy’s checking out the van.”
“Bet she’s thrilled about it.” Jetta responded with a grin. “Shht! We don’t want them to ‘ear us! Come on!”
Stormer obediently fell silent, following the British girl up to the door of the hut. Jetta paused here, putting her ear to the wooden door to listen. A frown crossed her face.
“Funny…” she murmured.
“What?” Stormer hissed in as soft a whisper as she could manage.
“It’s all quiet. I don’t think there’s anyone there.” Came the response. “I’m gonna check it out. You coming?”
“I…I guess so.” Stormer shivered again, but nodded. Jetta gave the door a shove, and it swung open with a creak to reveal an empty beach hut.
“See? I told you. Empty.” She said, indicating. Stormer peered round the door.
“So…so where are Pizzazz and Jem?” she wondered.
“Havin’ tea at Starlight Mansion?” Jetta’s tone was rich with irony. “’Ere, wait a minute! What’s this?” She bent down, scooping something up. “Look! Pizzazz was ‘ere all right! That’s ‘er bracelet!”
“I recognise it.” Stormer nodded her head. “So…if she was here…and she dropped her bracelet…where is she now?”
“Not a clue, duckie.” Jetta shook her head with a frown. “But I don’t like it. I thought this whole thing was fishy, now I’m certain.”
Stormer was about to respond when something caught her eye and she crouched to examine it further.
“What is it?” Jetta asked.
“I thought I saw something down here. Something glinted.” Stormer replied, reaching down and running her hand over the sandy floor surface. Her eyes widened as she realised what she’d found.
“The Jemstar earrings!” she breathed.
“What?” Jetta looked confused.
“Oh, nothing.” Hurriedly Stormer scooped the earrings up, pocketing them. “I just said…said that it was just a piece of foil glinting, but it looked like earrings.”
“Oh.” Jetta shot her a grin. “Well, nice as it is playin’ treasure hunter round this place, I think we ought to get back to the car, don’t you? Maybe Pizzazz is in the van.”
“Maybe.” Stormer nodded. “I hope so. If she isn’t, where is she? The van is still parked here, she hasn’t driven anywhere.”
“And where’s Jem, too?” Jetta added. “The roadster’s here an’ all.”
“True.” Stormer looked troubled. “I have a real bad feeling about this, Jetta.”
“You an’ me both, love.” Jetta frowned. “C’mon.”
“Well? You took your sweet time.” Roxy greeted them at the end of the path. “Where’s Pizzazz? Isn’t she coming?”
“She’s not in the van?” Stormer demanded.
“Of course she ain’t!” Roxy shook her head. “The meeting was in the hut, wasn’t it?”
“The hut is empty, Roxy.” Jetta responded quietly. “And I found this. It’s ‘er bracelet.”
“So we have a bracelet and no Pizzazz…she’s vanished.” Stormer responded. “I’m worried, you guys. She could be hurt!”
“She’s probably just gone off somewhere to cause trouble.” Roxy shrugged.
“With Jem?” Jetta indicated. “The roadster’s here too, don’t forget, and neither of ‘em are about.”
“Jerrica uses the roadster too, and so do the Holograms.” Stormer pointed out. “Maybe one of them picked Jem up…perhaps the roadster is bust. And maybe Pizzazz went with them to discuss the concert.”
“You really believe that?” Jetta demanded.
Stormer sighed.
“No.” she admitted. “But I do think that Jerrica would have been there if they were discussing business, not Jem. I know Jem came into the practice room and everything, but Jerrica runs Starlight Music. Not Jem.”
“That’s true. So we’re saying Jerrica was the one down ‘ere tonight, not Jem?” Jetta asked.
“Wait a minute, you guys have lost me.” Roxy held up her hands.
“Nothing new there, is it, ducks?” Jetta offered her companion a droll smile, which was returned by a withering gaze from the bassist.
“Shut your face, Jetta. Are we saying someone or something kidnapped Pizzazz?”
“I…I guess we are.” Stormer hesitated. “Aren’t we?”
“Look, lets go back to the mansion and think about things.” Jetta suggested. “Stormer, you an’ Roxy take the van, huh, and I’ll bring back your car. We gotta brainstorm, and quick. If someone ‘as kidnapped Pizzazz…well, I’m sure you girls ain’t forgotten that in a matter of days we’ve a very big concert comin’ up in our calendars.”
“The Rock Festival!” Stormer’s hand flew to her mouth. “You think there’s a connection?”
“Gotta be.” Jetta replied grimly. “I ‘ate this. I think we’ve been outdone at our own game. Give me your keys, Stormer, and I’ll meet you guys back at the mansion.”
“Sure.” Stormer tossed her car keys in the sax player’s direction, and Jetta caught them deftly, unlocking the car and slipping into the driver’s seat.
“How come you let her drive your car?” Roxy demanded with a pout as they watched the Briton drive away.
“She has a license."Stormer replied. "Come on…this place is creepy.”

 * * * * * * * * * * *

 * * * * * * * * * * *
“What do you think you’re doing, you creep!”
Pizzazz struggled hard against the strong arms that held her, but it was to no avail. She was well pinned down and it was all she could do to even breathe as she was bound firmly then pushed into the corner of the dark, unmarked vehicle. “You just wait, you’ll pay for this! Nobody treats a Gabor like this!”
“Ah, shut up, Pizzazz.” The voice was both malevolent and all too familiar. “You might as well cool it. You’ve a ride ahead of you. We’re just waiting for your little companion, that’s all.”
“Zipper?” Pizzazz’s voice held a note of disbelief. “What the heck are you doing? Did Eric put you up to this?”
“Eric Raymond?” Zipper chuckled. “Move with the times, sister. I ain’t working for that creep no more. I got a new commission now, shall we say?” He leered at her. “And that’s all I’m saying, so don’t you worry your pretty little head about it, all right?”
“I thought you were in jail.” Pizzazz’s tone was sulky.
“Well, not any more.” Zipper shrugged.
“You just wait till I get out of here! My father…”
“Your father ain’t going to know a thing.” Zipper replied calmly. “And don’t worry, we’ll let you go. After the Rock Festival is over.”
Pizzazz let out a snarl of rage but she knew she was helpless.
At that moment the door of the vehicle opened once more and another figure, equally well bound was shoved roughly in. As the doors were fastened and Zipper and his associate slipped into the front of the van, Pizzazz registered her companion’s identity.
“Jerrica?” she demanded.
“Pizzazz!” Jerrica stared. “But what…I mean…”
“If this is anything to do with you and your dumb band I’ll…I’ll sue you to the sky.” Pizzazz threatened.
“Pizzazz, use your brain. We’re both tied up here, how can I be involved?” Jerrica snapped. “In any case, this isn’t our style.”
“No, you’re too good to resort to abducting the competition.” Pizzazz muttered. She shot her companion a sidelong glance. “So what the heck are you doing here?”
“I had to meet someone. I didn’t expect things to go quite like this.” Jerrica struggled with her bonds but they held firm. “What about you, Pizzazz? Causing trouble as usual?”
“I came to meet your stupid wimp of a singer.” Pizzazz’s eyes narrowed.
“Jem?” Jerrica gaped. “But…that’s impossible!”
“She came into Misfit Music and we…arranged to meet here. Yesterday lunchtime.” Pizzazz responded.
“But we only came back from Chicago yesterday!”
“Well, she was there. Ask Stormer or Jetta or Roxy.” Pizzazz’s tone had turned petulant. “This is all your fault, you and your dumb band, getting us into this mess.”
“I like that!” Jerrica exclaimed. “Who sent someone to pose as Raya and mess up our concert in Spokane, huh?”
“You what?” Pizzazz’s eyes widened. “Impersonate Raya? Oh please, how unoriginal! You think we’re that boring? Who cares about your dumb tour or your concert in Spokane?”
“You mean you…you didn’t?” Jerrica demanded. “You swear? Honestly?”
“Of course not! Why would we waste our time? We’re better than you no hopers anyway.” Pizzazz snorted. She paused.
“Jem didn’t come to Misfit Music?”
“Nope. Couldn’t have. Our flight was delayed and we didn’t get back to L.A till five.” Jerrica shook her head.
A frown crossed Pizzazz’s face.
 “We’ve been had!” she exclaimed.
“Both of us.” Jerrica’s expression was grim. “So now what do we do?”
“You’ll probably cry and do whatever they tell you.” Pizzazz snapped. “Like a good little prisoner. Maybe they’ll give you good behaviour.”
“Maybe they’ll gag you, and we’ll all get some peace!” Jerrica was already tired and Pizzazz was trying her patience past breaking point. “Look, we’re both in the same situation here, and we obviously have a common enemy…shouldn’t we try to work together to find a way out of it?”
“Work together? With you?” Pizzazz stared at her companion as if she’d gone mad. “Are you kidding? I’d rather jump off a building than do anything with you!”
“You see another choice?” Jerrica snapped.
“Shut up.” Pizzazz tossed her head. “I don’t want to talk to you.”
“Oh, real mature, Pizzazz.” Jerrica rolled her eyes. “Listen up, will you? We’re trapped here, both of us, and we’re going to need each other’s help if we’re going to get out of this mess. Can’t you at least try and cooperate for once?”
Pizzazz did not answer at first, then she grimaced.
“We’ll see.” She said cautiously. “I’m still not convinced that this isn’t something to do with you and your loser band.”
“Oh, honestly.” Jerrica sighed. “Well, have it your way. Meanwhile I hope someone else realises what’s happened and comes to rescue us…if this is your idea of teamwork then we’re stuck!”

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(The Misfits and Holograms and other animated Jem characters are copyrighted to Hasbro Inc. All characters who do not appear in Jem episodes are my own creation. This story is copyrighted to E.A Woolley (2001)