The Jem Series
The Day The Music Died

Synopsis: This episode is a last valiant rally to stay in the show from those much loved rogues the Misfits. After a stressful day at the office, Jerrica (as Jem) allows herself to be swept off her feet by Riot's mesmerising lyrics and manipulative plans. Stranded on a desert island, Jem has no choice but to play along with Riot's scheme. Meanwhile, back in LA things are in chaos. Kimber cannot cope with Starlight Music's business needs and the company goes bankrupt, forcing the holograms to sell to Mr Gabor. Though Pizzazz and the Misfits take over the company and co-opt both the Holograms and the remaining Stingers into the Misfits, they find that it's more work than they bargained for, and call in Eric to help with the finances. Rio frets about Jem (but couldn't care less that Jerrica is missing :P) and when Minx tells him it is all one of Riot's schemes he and the other holograms and stingers set out to get back their missing bandmates. When he sees Riot and Jem together on the island, Rio almost gives up, but Minx is having none of it...
And when Jem returns, the Misfits are only too happy to give back Starlight Music, thanks to the efforts of the Starlight Girls in being utter brats :P. This episode is the last one to feature the Misfits at all, really. The story is narrated by the characters at different intervals, but Pizzazz is the only Misfit to have her say in it.
As for "The Day The Music Died"...are you telling me that "All's Right With The World" is really preferably to "Top of the Charts?" I THINK NOT!
One other small point - I think that this episode played out of sequence. Why else would the holograms mention Regine - before they've even met?
Songs: Top Of The Charts (The Misfits featuring Aja, Raya, Shana, Kimber, Rapture and Minx), All's Right With The World (Jem and the Holograms), Under My Spell (The Stingers).


Riot tries it on with Jem

Roxy's new toy :)

Kimber tries to evade her debts

The new Misfits :)

Riot explains his plot


The Misfits play croquet with the Starlights