Chapter Eleven: The Plot Thickens

"What a night!"
Aja pulled the roadster to a stop, resting her arm on the steering wheel and casting her companion a grin. "I'm glad you came tonight, Kimber. It meant a lot to Shana, even if she didn't need us wishing her luck."
"She's so talented at what she does." Kimber observed absently, then, "Aja, do you think we could do this song? I've been thinking the whole thing over all night long and well, I kinda have some ideas, but I wanted to wait till you and I had a chance alone before I said anything. I mean, it's our track, yours and mine, so I want you to be behind anything I suggest or decide."
"Well, okay. Shoot." Aja spread her hands. "I really don't know how well it'll work out, Kimber, but we can try. For the girls' sake, we can certainly try. What are your ideas?"
Kimber paused, then briefly outlined the conversation she had had with Jetta. Aja pursed her lips.
"I didn't know you were so sneaky." She admitted, a tiny smile touching her lips. "What a killer blow that'd really be for old Pizzazz! You're right, of course. At the moment with the balance as upset as it is, and with her playing the good hostess to you, she can't really refuse. I think you might be on to something. And Jetta said she'd play?"
"Yes." Kimber nodded. "I haven't asked Stormer yet but I know she'd say yes, to help the girls, you know, if Pizzazz didn't nix it and make life hard for her."
"And Roxy?"
"I haven't asked her, but I think if Stormer did it Roxy'd have no problem." Kimber responded. "She's plotting this solo record of hers anyway, and I know she was laying down a track or something this morning, so I get the feeling she's happily spreading her wings a little and exerting a little bit of independance on her music. I think I can convince her, Aja, and well, if I can't, Stormer can."
"In the meantime, we still have the problem of Jerrica." Aja frowned. "She controls everything at Starlight Music and I don't see how we can get any kind of backing from the company without her say-so. She'll never give her permission. Right now she's not thinking straight about anything."
"Well, that's where you come in." An impish look touched Kimber's face. "Listen. You've worked in that office with Jerrica enough times, haven't you? You must know where she keeps all the important things like, oh, I don't know, phone numbers and contact info for studios and all of that junk?"
"Yes, of course, but that's really Joanie's domain."
"Well, just suppose Joanie had the day off?"
"Kimber, what did you do?" Aja eyed her companion suspiciously. Kimber giggled.
"Nothing! Oh, nothing, I swear. I wouldn't so anything to Joanie, she's such a sweetie. Bu-u-ut when I was thinking and watching Shana's show, I remembered something she said to me at the start of the week, when I was late for the first rehearsal Jerrica jawed me out about. She mentioned being up to her eyes in paperwork and that she was glad that she had a day off coming up, because she was taking her niece to the zoo and she was intending on kicking back and relaxing a little while she had the chance."
"Did she say which day?"
"I believe the eleventh."
"Hmm." Aja looked thoughtful, then, "Kimber Benton, are you suggesting I break into Jerrica's office and swipe her filofax?"
"No, of course not." Kimber shook her head. She reached into her purse, handing something over. "Here. You use that. No need to damage a perfectly good door."
"A key?" Aja stared. "This is Jerrica's key!"
"No, it's not." Kimber dimpled. "When Jerrica gave me Eric's half of the company, she also gave me his key to the main office filing cabinet. She said she didn't suppose I'd need it too much, but she'd rather I had it safely than it being left lying about at the company. With the key, Aja, you have my authority to be there, and, don't forget, I own half that music company! I have every right to know what's in her filofax and what's in the company files."
"You, my dear, have spent a little too long hanging around Misfits." Aja observed acidly, taking the key from her junior and pocketing it. "I'll see what I can do. Meanwhile, this is your stop - the Gabor place - and I'd like to be outta here before Pizzazz roars her car in here like the maniac driver she is and knocks the mirrors off the roadster. Okay? You better scoot, if you want to tackle her tonight."
"Mm, that's gonna be the worst bit." Kimber admitted, scooping up her purse and pushing open the door of the car. "I mean, I think her bark is worse than her bite - that's what Stormer told me, anyway, but still, it's a very loud bark...and I don't want to try the bite if I can help it." She grinned, clambering out onto the pavement. "Still, if it means we get to do this, surely it's worth it?"
"Yes, I really think it might be." Aja nodded. "For the Starlight girls, Kimber, it's always worth it." She reached over to pull the door shut. "Good night and good luck, Kimber. Keep me informed."
As Kimber watched her friend drive away, she steeled her own courage, swallowing hard as she plotted out in her mind her mode of attack.
"I have to play the innocent Hologram." She decided. "To say right away that I need her help for the Starlight girls is no good. She'll just think she has me over a barrel and I want it the other way about. No, I have to think Misfit about this. Aja's right, I have spent time with them over the last couple of days. What have I learnt? I've watched how Jetta and Roxy banter and spat, I've watched how Stormer deflects it all...have I learnt enough to talk their lead singer into backing our cause?
And if not, what will become of the Starlight Foundation?"

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Chapter Eleven: The Plot Thickens

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