England's Rose

Chapter Twelve: Jealousy

"Jetta, what is taking so long?"
Pizzazz lounged in the doorway of the dressing room, an exasperated look on her face. Stormer and Roxy were already setting up, but Pizzazz had stopped behind to chivvy Jetta once she realised that the English girl was lagging behind. "We go on set in five, what's all the panic about?"
"It's gone." Jetta sat back on her heels, a frown on her face.
"What's gone? Jetta, quit playing! Grab your sax and come on, we got a show to do!"
"Aren't you listenin'? I said it's gone!" Jetta snapped. "Me saxophone ain't here, Pizzazz. I left it here, case and all, and someone's 'ad away with it."
"What?" Pizzazz's eyes opened wide with surprise and then annoyance. "Of all the...where do you think it could be?"
"Well, it don't take many brain cells to work out who 'as it." Jetta scowled. "That blasted girl...I'll 'ave 'er for this."
"That Tinkerbilly?" Pizzazz demanded. Jetta nodded.
"Yeah, Allie. When I get me 'ands on 'er...if she's done anything to it I'll kill 'er, I swear I will!"
"Cool out, Jetta. We'll go get it back, and if she's damaged it, she can pay for it, 'less she wants a lawsuit pounding down her doors." Pizzazz hauled Jetta to her feet. "It's no big deal. The company can buy another saxophone if it has to. But I sure want to show this girl who's boss round here...she has a nerve, messing with us."
"You don't understand...I worked for that sax." Jetta's tone was numb. "It can't be replaced, Pizzazz...it just can't. I..."
Pizzazz cast her companion a strange look.
"You goin' soft and sentimental over a dumb instrument now?" she demanded. "C'mon, Jetta, it's only a saxophone! Geez!"
"Yeah, an' if you'd ever 'ad to do a day's work in a proper dead-end nine to five or longer in order to scrape together the pennies to afford it, you'd understand why I'm so bothered 'bout gettin' it back." Jetta snapped back. "I ain't soft, Pizzazz, you oughta know that by now. But I ain't lettin' my 'ard work go to waste jus' because some bimbo is 'avin' a paddy."
"Well, whatever." Pizzazz shrugged. "Let's go get it back, if it means that much to ya."
"If we don't, there'll be no performance." Jetta responded grimly. "Because I don't play any other sax but mine, you got it?"
"What's the big deal? So you worked and saved up for it, so what? You earn ten times as much now you're a Misfit, even more when we have a good selling record. So buy yourself another! Not as if it'd break the bank." Pizzazz replied as the two girls made their way along the corridor to the Tinkerbilly dressing room. Jetta frowned.
"You wouldn't understand." she said shortly.
"C'mon, spill. I wanna know." Pizzazz responded. Jetta shook her head.
"It don't matter. What matters is we get it back."
"Tell me, or we don't go anywhere." Pizzazz put her hands on her hips, stopping dead in the corridor and barring the other girl's way. "Noone tells me no, Jetta...I always get what I want."
"It's no big deal. Just that it and I have been a long way together, that's all." Jetta shrugged. "Can't rely on much in this world, Pizzazz, but me an' me sax are a team."
"You gone crazy? You're talking about a saxophone!"
"I told you you wouldn't understand." Jetta sighed. "Pizzazz, when you've 'ad 'alf the material world given you on a silver platter, you can't comprehend that sometimes things mean more to people who 'aven't had them come so easy to their door."
"Pizzazz snorted.
"Sentimental rubbish." she replied. Jetta shrugged.
"Maybe it is, maybe it isn't, but I ain't letting Allie Blackwell get the better of me, especially not where my sax is concerned. She'd better 'and it over straight up else I'll do 'er over good and proper 'ere and now, no matter what cameras are on us."
Pizzazz shot Jetta a sidelong glance, seeing a rare spark of real fury enter her companion's grey eyes. She shrugged.
"Whatever you say." she said. "C'mon. We got three minutes. It don't look good if we blow our first interview here by bein' late on set."
"It's hardly my fault." Jetta muttered. "I didn't ask Allie to be 'ere."
"Quit whining and come on. We don't have time for this!"
When they reached the Tinkerbilly dressing room they found that only Allie and Snake were there, each one coolly taking no notice of the other, though there was both hurt and anger in Allie's brown eyes. She had devoted her entire existance to Snake, for she was prone to obsession, and it tore her up inside to see his eyes wandering in Jetta's direction whenever the sax player was around.
She glanced up from where she was filing her nails, assuming a nonchalant expression.
"Well? What do you creeps want?" she demanded.
"Don't play games." Jetta snapped. "I want to know what you've done with me saxophone."
"I don't know what you're talking about." Allie's voice was sugary sweet. "I don't even play the saxophone, Jetta - why would I want yours?"
"I told you not to play with me." Jetta lunged at the other girl, grabbing her firmly by the shoulders and shaking her hard. "Now, you got one last chance. You tell me where my saxophone is, or it'll be the worse for you, all right?"
Now Snake became alert to the situation.
"Jetta, Allie, stop it, it ain't worth it!" he protested. "Allie, if you've Jetta's sax..."
"Butt out." Allie snapped at him. "I don't know what the silly witch is talkin' about, an' if you loved me at all then you...you'd believe me!"
"Like anyone could believe a snivelling creep like you." Jetta's eyes narrowed. Snake got up to separate the quarrel but Pizzazz barred his way.
"Noone messes with the Misfits, buster. Either Jetta gets her sax back, or you'll find some unpleasant mail in your mailbox from my music company's chief attorney...they carry weight wherever they are in the world, and they have branches all over the globe." she said ominously. "Now let Jetta alone, there's a good kiddy...she only wants what's hers."
"Too right I do." Jetta agreed grimly. She shook Allie again. "Where is it, Allie? You better not 'ave done anythin' to it..."
"It's where it belongs. In the rubbish." Now Allie was frightened, for there was a look of such utter rage in the other girl's eye that she worried that maybe Jetta was too angry to be totally in charge of her actions. The sax player's eyes opened wide.
"In the...you threw it out?"
"Your music always was trash...like you." Allie retorted.
Jetta shoved her foe roughly against the wall, muttering a curse under her breath.
"You'd do as well to remember who my brother is, an' what 'e's doin' time for." she said in the most forboding tone she possessed. "You could say that, when we're mad, it's like brother, like sister. So you 'ad better be a good little girl an' go an' find me sax, else it'll be somethin' else in the rubbish chute."
"You're bluffing. You won't hurt me." Allie folded her arms, regaining some composure as she picked herself up. Jetta raised an eyebrow.
"Oh won't I?" she asked, her tone dangerously low. "Listen, you. That saxophone represents everything I ever fought for. It represents escapin' my parents, escapin' my 'ome, and makin' something of myself, by myself. Noone ever 'elped me get to where I am now, Allie, I got there meself. If you can't take that then that's your problem, but it ain't gonna be solved by stealin' my instrument. Jealousy ain't pretty, which is a shame, since it's all you seem to 'ave in you."
"Why you..." Allie's own temper sparked and she went to lunge at Jetta but Pizzazz was too quick for her and grabbed her neatly around the wrist. Strong and forboding as Jetta in a rage could be, Pizzazz in a temper had no equal.
"You will go and get the saxophone, right now, because we're on set in less than two minutes." she said, her tones menacing. " And you'd better hope that it's still where you left it. If the Misfits don't perform this show, and perform it on time, then the Tinkerbillys won't perform...and I mean ever. I have enough connections the world over to finish your sorry little circus act before it's even begun, don't you forget that. My father is Harvey Gabor, maybe you've heard of him? Judging by the logos on your stuff, you're signed to one of the many music companies he has shares in. You wouldn't want to upset me now, would you? It could be a rather...unfortunate career move."
Despite herself, Allie gulped, for once in her life speechless. Then, meek as a lamb she scuttled out of the dressing room. Within a minute she had returned with the instrument, which she wordlessly handed over to it's owner.
"I'll deal with you later." Jetta glared at her. "C'mon, Pizzazz. We got what we came for...we 'aven't much time to get on set."
"Fifty seconds, by my watch." Pizzazz nodded. "Let's go...if we hurry we should make it okay. Is the sax all right?"
"Looks it. Lucky for her." Jetta agreed. "Looks like the Misfits will be performing this show as scheduled after all."
"What took you guys so long?" Roxy demanded as they entered the studio door with a bare three seconds to go.
"We 'ad a run in with my friend Allie." Jetta responded darkly. "Ain't time to explain now...we got things to do. But I won't forget this in a hurry...believe me."
"Nor will I." Pizzazz scowled. "The Tinkerbillys had better watch their step...else things could get very sticky for them. Noone messes with the Misfits!"

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