The Jem Series
Father's Day

Synopsis: Video wants to produce a very special gift for her father's Father's Day present, and Jem and the Holograms volunteer their help. However, Kimber is none to keen, for she is feeling the loss of her own father particularly acutely and does not want anything to do with the project. Jerrica and the other Holograms take her riding to try and get her in the mood but the day ends in a dangerous fall for Kimber. Harvey Gabor, Pizzazz's erstwhile father comes to the rescue and gets them to their concert on time (Pizzazz is not at all impressed with this turn of events). Trust me, by the end of this she badly needs a hug...
In the meantime, out of curiosity and on Clash's suggestion, Pizzazz has dragged the Misfits to Clash and Video's home town of Mulberry, where they soon find the meaning of 'nothing to do' and manage to cause a fair bit of trouble, nonetheless. This episode is cute because you get to see flashbacks of Clash and Video as children, not to mention Kimber and Jerrica and a really heart touching scene of a tiny Pizzazz on a tricycle.
Songs: Always There In My Heart (Jem and the Holograms), Let's Blow This Town (The Misfits), snippets of 'Only Me And The Music (Jem and the Holograms)

(I decided it would be fun to use this page's free capture section for pictures of the characters from the episode flashbacks rather than the actual storyline itself - so here are some of the cast's adorable kiddy photos!)

Kimber remembers.

A pair of little Benton piglets :)

A two year old Video comes to see her new baby cousin :)

Ugly brat, isn't she?

Video's tenth birthday :)

Clash gets her first cymbals...and are those BOWS?!

Little Pizzazz. Evidence that once she and Harvey had that bond...

Kimber, Jerrica and Emmet