The Jem Series
A Father Should Be...

  Synopsis: BaNee desperately wants to find her father, so, with Riot's help Jem and the Holograms set up a search. They locate three possible candidates and in the end whittle it down to two - a jerk and a gambler named Andy Martin and a painter with amnesia called Martin O'Carolyn. This is the last Jem episode ever, and in many ways it leaves things unsettled. Though the Misfits appear as a token gesture at the end to call a truce (Pizzazz gets a nice big kiss on the cheek from BaNee and Stormer is extremely cheeky and un-Stormer like in her address of Jem) it's hardly a convincing one and nothing is done about the whole Rio/Jem/Jerrica mess. Guess he's destined never to know the truth behind the pink hair. Apparently, in BaNee's case, a father should be an android :P And when is that girl going to learn that zoos are BAD for her?!
Songs: A Father Should Be (BaNee - repeated song), This is Farewell (Jem and the Holograms/The Misfits/The Stingers/Rio <yes, even Rio has a line!>) Family Is (Jem and the Holograms)


Jerrica takes Krissie and BaNee to a school parent's evening.

An interesting new line up!

Is this BaNee's dad? Surely not!

Martin O'Carolyn tells his tale

BaNee's Mother!

Riot goes soft ;)

The most unbelievable scene in the whole of the Jem series...