The Jem Series
Hot Time In Hawaii

Synopsis: The Holograms and the Misfits are both competing in the Battle of the Rock Stars (or something similar) which instead of being a music contest is all to do with athletics. Kimber's flirting allows the Holograms to pick up a first class coach on the plane to Hawaii, whilst the Misfits take Zipper as their coach to train them in the art of cheating. (Very funny scene with Pizzazz up a palm tree...). Once the contest begins the Misfits have a clear advantage, but Zipper is worried about Kimber's swimming prowess and so kidnaps her, tying her up and leaving her inside a live volcano. One of the local girls, Giselle, sees everything and goes to tell Jem and the other Holograms what has happened. They rescue Kimber but by the time they get out of the volcano it is the next morning and they are cutting it close to make the final events.
This episode is significant because it is Zipper's last appearance. At the end he is arrested for kidnapping - you have to assume he goes to jail, and stays there, not having the money to pay lawyers to get him out ^_^ (Unlike Eric...).
Also worth noting that we have another beautiful example of Jem hypocrisy in this episode - the song 'How You Play The Game' includes lyrics about playing it fair and square...but as we soon discover in later episodes it's a case of 'do as I say <or sing...>, not as I do...'
Songs: We're The Misfits In Hawaii (The Misfits), How You Play The Game (Jem and the Holograms)


Aja works out...

...whilst the Misfits pig out:P

Pizzazz builds a nest :P


Kimber gets a bit tied up.

Pizzazz gets a cold...kinda