The Jem Series
Homeland, Heartland

Synopsis: Before I start this, I want to clear up something - or try to. A lot of people say Danse's roots are Czech (and her surname, Dvorak supports that theory). But when she returns to her mother's homeland to find out what she can, it is Yugoslavia (Zagreb to be exact) that she returns to. So, whatever her surname, Danse's roots must in fact be Yugoslavian (At least at the time of animation - Since the split of Yugoslavia, Zagreb is now once more part of Croatia.).
Ok. The plot...ugh. Jem and the Holograms head with Danse to Yugoslavia to do some kind of video with the Zagreb Ballet, and encounter a sinister man named Victor who has some kind of past with Danse's mother Nadia. Danse discovers her real father living as a hermit and the holograms have to help set things straight and make him realise that Nadia never left him.
Danse never finds her mother :( But she does find her Dad and fall in love with the leader of the ballet, get the feeling that this led into what might have proved a later episode had the series continued. I doubt writers would have left Nadia missing had they the chance to put it to rights.
Songs: Music and Danse (Jem and the Holograms - appears twice), Falling In Love With a Stranger (Jem and the Holograms)



Danse gets a strange letter (And look at that HAIR!!)

Danse in action

Danse and Stefan

Video films the show