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What do you mean, series in depth?

Some several years ago, on the TOJ! mailing list, there used to be some really fun, fierce and in-depth discussions and debates about characters, episodes, and pretty much anything Jem/Misfit/Stinger you could possibly imagine.It's been a habit of mine since I was a kid to read between between the lines and draw together clues and hints into a bigger picture. I began doing longer and more detailed evaluations of a few of the Jem episodes back then, and it was so popular that I ended up having to do more. These are those breakdowns, with detail beyond the normal synopsis data you get on most of the web. Obviously, these are also underpinned by my interpretations, and though I have provided evidence for my thoughts, it doesn't mean that these are the defininitive guides to episodes. I do hate sweeping generalisations, though - and this tries to avoid that particular faux pas.

When I first started watching Jem, I quickly realised that my way of seeing things in the series didn't always tally with other people's, which is what made this whole project more interesting as I went along. I never did get quite to finish all the episode analyses - but maybe I will get there soon.

And the other links?

As they seem. Soundbytes allow you to listen to samples of the voices spoken by the Jem characters. Synopses are brief introductions to each episode, lacking all the in depth bumf. And, of course, the character biographies. These are also quite detailed - I advise all fans of Jem/Jerrica to take a deep breath - or protective clothing - before entering this part of the site. Your Princess of Pink is not real high on my preferences list ;)