The Jem Series
In Stitches

Synopsis: Shana is selected to represent the Holograms and the USA in a rock fashion competition to be held in Venice, Italy. The Misfits are also selected but their designer drops out, leaving them with no clothes. Eric sends Zipper to steal Shana's designs, but instead he winds up stealing designs done by Ashley. That failing, Zipper steals the actual clothes themselves, and though Jem almost manages to retrieve them they wind up getting torn. There is no time to make new clothes, so the Holograms decide to rely on Synergy's memory banks, but when the Misfits turn up wearing Shana's designs dyed black Shana must start all over again. This episode is especially funny at the start when Jem gets stuck as Jerrica in the aeroplane toilet due to satellite interference :)
Songs: Designing Woman (The Misfits), All Depends on the Mood (Jem and the Holograms), Time Is Running Out (Jem and the Holograms)  


Shana gives Ashley some design pointers

Roxy calls to congratulate Shana. Um. Almost. ;)

Jerrica :)

Zipper. Gee, nice hat.

"Pizzazz! Look Out!!"

Shana's "Drowned Rat" look

Designing Women? Or monkeys?

Nice designs, Shana...;)