The Jem Series
Intrigue At The Indy 500

Synopsis: Eric is doing some dodgy deal involving placing a large amount of money on one of the Indy 500 cars to win. Though he bribes the sponsors of the main competition to pull out, Starlight Music step in to foot the bill, and even when the driver has an accident his problems are not over, since Jem decides to take the wheel. The Misfits become mixed up in things when they crash the pre-race party, and then Pizzazz decides that she'd make a better race driver than the man Eric and his associates have selected (Judging by her driving in earlier episodes, I tend to agree with her). So it's a race in the end between Pizzazz and Jem. Jem wins the race...but here we see her dodgy morals as regards 'how to play the game'. She uses Synergy to distract Pizzazz so that she can take the advantage.  I think Jem was way outta line. I mean, Pizzazz ALWAYS drives like a maniac!
Just one of my many reasons for disliking the Princess of Pink...I have to have my little rant here and there, so don't mind me :)
Songs: Ahead of the Game (The Misfits), Back In Shape (Jem and the Holograms), I'm Coming From Behind (Jem and the Holograms).


Kimber proves she's a professional, playing
despite being bombarded by balloons!

"Pizzazz, look out!"
(Yes, this is something of a theme...)

Synergy gets cute.

Does this strike anyone else as a little unbelievable?

Pizzazz :)

Jem, you cheat! This is apparently Pizzazz
getting a visit from her "conscience"