The Jem Series
The Jazz Singer

Synopsis: After hearing an interview on television with Tabs Tucker, an old Jazz great, Jem and the Holograms decide to see if they can't get the band back together to play again. Though the idea is a hit with the owner of a Jazz recording label, the girls only have twenty four hours to get the band together, since Eric Raymond also has an offer in the pipeline. Eric involves the Misfits and Techrat to wreck the reunion any way they know - Pizzazz and Techrat trap Kimber inside some kind of roller rink, Stormer meddles with Aja's car but later interferes to stop Aja and Joey (one of the band) from getting hurt, and Roxy and Jetta team up (a rare occasion when they aren't sniping) to sabotage Ace O'Toole's boat - an action that indirectly leads to Shana and Ace nearly drowning, thanks to a freak storm. In the meantime, Eric has arranged for Tabs' horn to be stolen, and it's down to Jem and Raya to retrieve it, disguised as exterminators and then...plants!
Songs: Jazz Has (Jem and the Holograms), Jack Take a Hike (The Misfits - repeated song), Trapped (The Misfits).


The Holograms discuss LinZ's show

Tabs Tucker

Wot? Us? Causing trouble?

Jem explains her idea.

Bad Stormer!!


Shana finds out boats aren't always fun

Very dodgy exterminators. :P