The Jem Series
The Jem Jam

The Jem Jam (Part One)
Synopsis: Jem and the Holograms are putting together the music event of the year - the Jem Jam, featuring a host of stars. Meanwhile, a careless remark by Clash gets BaNee thinking about her father and she becomes convinced that drummer Randy James is her long lost dad. The Misfits try their best to wreck the announcement of the Jem Jam with a group of thugs. At the same time, Krissie is coming to terms with the arrogance of 'Lena Lerner's son Dominic, and Ashley is dreaming of being a star one day herself...
Songs: I Can See Me A Star (Ashley and the Starlights), A Father Should Be (BaNee).

The Jem Jam (Part Two)
Synopsis: Despite their best attempts at sabotage, the Misfits have failed to distract people from the Jem Jam, and so they enlist Techrat's help with a new 'gimmick' to get people's attention. Krissie and Dominic come to an agreement and become friends, BaNee makes a fool of herself at the zoo when Randy tells her he isn't her father, and generally a good time is had by all :P Once Pizzazz and the others get out of that dog kennel...
Songs: You May Be A Star (Krissie), Gimme a Gimmick (The Misfits), Jam All Night Long (Jem and the Holograms/All Stars)


Dierdre and Becky

Clash plays reporter.

Laser tag, anyone?

"Princess" Ba Nee

LinZ is unamused by the Misfits' games

Gimme a gimmick...and rip the scenery :p

"Monday? But today's FRIDAY!!"

Jem goes hunting for Luna Dark

Krissie gives Dominic what for.

BaNee realises her Dad probably isn't in the bear pit at the zoo :P