Jetta's Chronicle

Chapter Ten


Jetta raised her head lazily from the pillow, glancing across at the clock and then groaning. Ten thirty. Three hours and they had
to be at the airport to catch their respective flights...the last thing she felt like doing was getting up.

It had been past midnight when they had gotten back to the hotel to order champagne and celebrate. It had been a large bottle,
and, on top of the wine they had both already consumed at dinner, they had both been more than a little merry by the time they
were through. How they had gotten to bed was a mystery to her, and judging by the mess of clothes around the floor they had
done anything but go straight to sleep. She closed her eyes, burying her head back in the pillow. The plane could wait. She
needed to sleep in.

As she settled herself down more comfortably below the duvet, she became aware of something cold and hard on her left hand,
and she pulled her arm up before her gaze, confused. As she laid eyes on the slim gold band that encircled her fourth finger,
shards of memory began to return to her, and a feeling of cold dread entered her heart.

Oh God...what had she done?

She turned over, looking for Justin, but he was already up and from the sound of it, in the shower. She cursed inwardly, sliding
the ring off her finger and examining it closely, then pushing it back on again. On the inside had been roughly engraved two for Jetta and one for Justin, she assumed. She groaned. It got worse. What had she been thinking? Sure, she cared
about Justin...but did she want to marry him?

Well, too late to wonder about it now, she realised, as the ensuite door opened to reveal Justin and towel. She'd already done
it...and the ring was proof of the fact.

"Morning." Justin cast her a smile, opening the wardrobe and rummaging inside for something to wear. "Sleep good?"

"I dunno." Jetta admitted. "'Ow can you be so chirpy?"

"I'm not...I'm running on adrenalin, I think." Justin laughed. "Hangover?"

"Guess so." Jetta nodded. "Justin...what did we do last night? I mean..." She produced her left hand. "Did we...?"

"Well, my memory's a little hazy about last night, but I'm pretty sure we did." Justin nodded his head. "And if you've any doubts about it, there's the picture they gave us as a memento on the dresser."

"Ugh." Jetta closed her eyes. "We did."

"What's wrong?" Justin came to sit on the bed. "You having cold feet this morning?"

"I...guess maybe a little." Jetta said slowly. Justin frowned.

"Guess I should've known that'd happen." He admitted quietly. "With your track record in commitment...but I really thought last
night that you were behind the idea."

"I don't remember enough of last night to know." Jetta confessed. "What were we drinkin'?"

"Champagne, I think." Justin replied, indicating the empty bottle. "We were celebrating."

There was a slight edge to his voice, and Jetta frowned.

"Don't come all snarky with me." She warned. "I'm jus' tryin' to work out what exactly happened last night, and what madness
possessed me to marry you!"

"Oh, I see, it's like that." Justin's expression was pained. "I'm sorry you feel that way, Jetta...I did think you were a little more sincere than that...last night you seemed sincere. Whatever else I don't remember, that I do."

"Maybe you dreamed that part."

"Fine. Be that way, then." Justin chewed on his lip, then turned his attention back to his clothing.

"Oh, 'ell, Justin, that didn't come out right." Jetta cursed. "Listen, I got a stinkin' 'eadache an' I can't think straight right now. I
didn't mean it like that."

"Well, how did you mean it?" Justin demanded. "You have to stop messing me around, Jetta! Either you're in this or you're not."


"I'm going to get dressed, then I'm getting a car to the airport." Justin continued. "If you're up, you can come too...we both need
a time out on this one to think things through. We can discuss it when I get back to California."

"Whatever." Jetta replied tiredly, pulling back the duvet and slipping out of bed. "It's gonna take me that time just to come to
terms with what I've done."

"Thanks a whole lot, Jetta." Justin sounded hurt. "Perhaps it would've been better if we'd never come here...I should've known
something would go wrong."

With that he disappeared back into the bathroom with his clothes, leaving Jetta to dress in the bedroom proper.

She did so, her heart heavy, and her temper awoken by his remarks. The journey to the airport proved strained and silent, and
inwardly Jetta was glad to see him leave. They could discuss it when he got back...but not now.

Now she had a flight to catch, and a band to rejoin.

Justin could wait.

     *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

"You look beat."

Pizzazz eyed her bandmate with a critical air, frowning at what she saw. "What happened, flights mess up or something? You
can't be jetlagged from Vegas to here, surely!"

"No, I ain't." Jetta agreed, lifting her case and following the singer into the big Gabor estate. "I'm 'ungover. We drank rather
more than we should've last night an' I'm payin' for it, that's all."

"Ah, that'd do it." Pizzazz smirked. "So, how was your week in lover's paradise, then?"

There was an edge to her tone, and Jetta frowned.

"Put a sock in it, will you?" she muttered. "I got a killer 'eadache and I don't need your teasin'. It was a good week, okay? Just
a pain to be back at work, that's all."

She glanced down at her left hand surrepticiously as she spoke, glad that the long black gloves she had elected to wear neatly
covered her ring finger from view. She had decided on the plane that it wouldn't do to tell anyone what had happened in Vegas.
Let them find out when she had come to terms with it herself...and the way she felt right then, that could be a long way off.

And yet, despite the confusion in her feelings, she had not been able to bring herself to remove the ring from her finger. To do so would almost be admitting that she was willing to forgo Justin completely...and somehow she had not managed to find that conviction inside of her. Angry as she was, and convinced that somehow she had been coerced, the thought of letting go completely made her uncomfortable.

She headed into the house and up the stairs, dumping her case in her room and dropping down on the bed, closing her eyes. It
would be better when she'd slept off the hangover, she decided. Then she could think clearly and rationally what to do.

The ring felt strange on her finger, like she was more than conscious it was there, and it unnerved her to feel it. She was Sheila
Burns no longer, but Sheila Pelligrini...Hell, Roxy was her sister-in-law!

"This is doin' me 'ead in." She sat up with a sigh. "I'll never sleep at this rate."

She glanced at the phone, reaching out for the receiver to call him, but then thinking better of it. Best they didn't speak for a day
or two, let the dust settle.

She hated being at odds with him, though. It weighed heavily on her heart and made her feel all the worse for the morning's

"You're early back." A voice came from the doorway and Jetta glanced up to see Stormer watching her. She mustered a faint

"Flight wasn't so bad." She said with a shrug.

"You look pale."

"Hangover. Don't ask." Jetta dismissed it with a careless wave of her hand. "What's been goin' on since I went away, then?"

"Not a lot." Stormer admitted. "I went to DC, spent a couple of days with Elliot. It was...nice."

"Jus' nice?"

"Yes." Stormer pinkened slightly. "But in a good way. What about you? Tell me about guys must've had the best time!"

"It was...interestin'." Jetta said slowly. Stormer frowned.

"What's wrong?" She asked.

"We 'ad a fight this mornin'." Jetta admitted. "An' we 'aven't made it up yet."

"Oh!" Stormer looked startled. "But I'm sure you will...was it a big fight?"

"Kind of." Jetta agreed. "I mean, it weren't lots of yellin' and stuff, but it was...a big deal fight."

"You want to talk about it?"

"Not really, but I don't think I can not talk about it, either." Jetta responded darkly. "It's messed me up, Stormer. I 'ate feelin' so
wretched over a dumb bloke! I've always been so damn independant an' now look at me! Tangled up with some guy for God
knows what reason! I tell you something - if there is anyone up there, playin' with our lives, they're 'avin' a bloody joke with me on this one."

"It's only natural to feel bad when you fight with someone you're close to."

"Yeah, well, even that sucks sometimes." Jetta groaned. "Being close to's only an inch from trusting them and then where are you? I always knew there was a reason I didn't get involved in datin' stuff, an' this is it. I wanna sleep off me 'eadache but I can't cos everytime I close my eyes he's buttin' into my 'ead!"

"What did you fight about?" Stormer asked gently. Jetta frowned. Then slowly she removed her left glove, stretching her hand
out on the duvet cover. Stormer's hand flew to her mouth.

"Jetta!" She exclaimed. "You got married?"

"Shh!" Jetta hushed her companion hurriedly, moving to close the door. "I don't want everyone to 'ear you, least of all Roxy
right now! Yes, we did."

"But..." Stormer's eyes were huge as she digested her friend's words. "I don't believe it. You got married? You...eloped? You never said a word!"

"I didn't know anything about it until last night, when Romeo sprung it on me." Jetta said darkly. "Believe me, I didn't go to Vegas with this in mind. It wasn't an elopement. It was someone bein' damn opportunistic an' takin' 'is chance while 'e thought 'e was in there."

"So why the fight?"

"I...wimped out, I guess." Jetta sighed, sinking down onto the bed. "I don't know why I did it, to be honest - I know I wasn't
drunk, because that came after we'd been down the chapel an' done the deed. It was last night, we'd 'ad a good night at the
casino an' a nice meal an' I dunno, it just seemed like it was right for us, you know? So we did' this morning it scared the
'ell out of me when I remembered."

"Oh, I see." Stormer frowned, then, "Poor Justin."

"Poor Justin?" Jetta stared. "What do you mean, poor Justin? He got what he's me who's messed up, not him!"

"But he's mad about you." Stormer said quietly. "You can't tell me you don't know that. It must've hurt his feelings pretty bad this morning."

"I know it did." Jetta admitted. "But I was confused, I didn't know what to do or say! I mean, I like Justin, sure. We 'ang out an' we 'ave a good time. But marriage? I ain't the marryin' type for a start! We want so many different things - 'e wants a family an' there's nothin' further from my mind than stupid brats after what I saw Pizzazz go through with you know who. What did you expect me to do?"

"You should never have said I do, then, if you felt that way." Stormer said at length.

"Bit late to tell me that now." Jetta said bitterly. "I think I jus' got involved in the crazy mood of the this mornin' it had
worn off. I didn't mean to upset 'im, but I kinda panicked."

"So what are you going to do?"

"Wish I knew." Jetta glanced down at her ring, then picked up her glove and put it back on. "For the time bein', nowt. Noone
need know about it, got that? At least not till 'e's back from Michigan an' we can discuss it proper, like."

"All right, I won't tell anyone." Stormer agreed. "And to be honest, Jetta, I don't think it's that big a tragedy. Justin's not the worst guy in the world and you do have a connection. Perhaps if you give this a chance you'll surprise yourself."

"Fat chance of that." Jetta grimaced. "I wish I'd never gotten into a relationship, they're more trouble than they're worth!"

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