The Jem Series
Last Resorts

Jem and the Holograms take a holiday in the mountains, where they discover that the owner of the resort they are staying at is in financial trouble - someone is sabotaging him. In typical Jem style, the group offer to do a concert to raise funds for him at the end of their week, but a nasty accident almost puts the Holograms out of business. One of the ski instructors, Svensson, develops an interest in Jem, making Rio jealous (so what else is new!) Eric Raymond, who owns the competing resort, arranges a race to decide ownership of the two resorts - Clash and the Misfits against Jem and the Holograms. Though they train hard, the Holograms are no match for the Misfit's trickery, and Jem has a close encounter with a bear...
Oh yeah, and Jem cheats. Again. Using Synergy this time to create a tree in the path of Roxy and Pizzazz to make them move aside...
But since the Misfits are cheating more, this time ain't so grating on the nerves...and Roxy does have some of the coolest lines of the show during that sequence.
Songs: You Gotta Be Fast (The Misfits), Love Is Here (Jem and the Holograms), It's Workin' Out/Doin' Me In (Jem and the Holograms/The Misfits <including Clash!!!>)


The Holograms head for the mountains!

Ugh, what is she wearing?!

Jem meets Svensson

Anyone else think Eric needs stress medication?

The Misfits and I share a "love" of keep fit...:P

Rio's attractive new look