One of the most classic and best remembered features of the sixty five Jem episodes that exist are the many songs that the groups 'performed' during the course of the three series. The majority of songs do, of course, go to Jem and the Holograms, and I am working on a data file containing the correct lyrics for these songs.
Songs are grouped according to artist...Miscellaneous artists includes solo or collaboration one off songs...such as songs done by Misfits and Holograms or Stormer and Kimber. It also includes lyrics to the songs by Starlight Girls and Jacqui Benton :-D AND lyrics to the french canadian promotional tapes songs, various Jem commercials and, yes, at long last, the MEXICAN DOLL SONG LYRICS. I'd like to thank Christine Vaillancourt and Manuel Berrokal for all of their assistance, and Laura Dunlop for acquainting me with the Jem commercials hehe :)

Misfit Lyrics

Hologram Lyrics

Stingers Lyrics

Various Artists