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Britrock's Lyric Database

From the days of its early, basic site, Britrock has always been a home to song lyrics. Years ago, back before there were such things as commercial DVD releases, familiar access to Master Tapes and such like, the TOJ! list got together and systematically went through every song as a team, discussing and extracting the correct lyrics. The result of that project was in part the basis for this part of Britrock.

Credit where it is due. Whilst this site represents for the most part my own transcriptions and so on, there were certain corrections put about by TOJ! members long since disappeared into the ether, allowing a much more reliable resource.

A lot of sites now claim to hold Jem lyrics in some comprehensive detail. Probably they do. However, Britrock was one of the earliest to do so, and remains one of the most thorough.

This site hosts not only the lyrics to the songs from all 65 episodes of Jem, but the Mexican Spanish lyrics to those songs sold with Mexican Dolls, the French lyrics for the promotional cassette songs, various different language Jem themes and, in one case, a variant Master Tape lyric.

There are Spanish lyrics from episodes that are not included here. My Spanish is not sufficient for me to be able to transcribe these without the help of a native speaker, and therefore I am not attempting to add these to the site at this time. All foreign language lyrics are included under Miscellaneous.

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