Ingrid Krüger

Character Analysis
Of German birth, with a sophistication and superiority all of her own, Minx is the Stingers' keyboardist. I must admit a certain fondness for Minx, despite my dislike of the Stingers in general - she makes me laugh.
On first assessment, Minx comes across as someone who is both self centred and somewhat full of herself. But on closer inspection there are a number of little foibles which makes her more endearing to watch. You get the feeling that she's proud of her German heritage - she often makes disdainful remarks about 'foreigners' and 'stupid Americans', making no attempt to distinguish Jetta from the other Misfits in this criticism (indeed she probably doesnt even care). She is a definite flirt, who latches onto Rio in order to prove to Rapture that she really can have any man she wants, and when this isn't as easy as it first seems she rises to the challenge. However, there is perhaps more to this casual game than meets the eye (see below).
Minx is more than an airheaded flirt, however. She is a competent musician (playing keys and in Change of Heart writing songs) and also fairly good with gadgets (She can build synthesisers and alarm systems, according to Change of Heart, and picks up quickly the capabilities of Techrat's gimmickry in That Ol' Houdini Magic). Though she was only in a handful of episodes, her basic character profile is not so hard to pick out. Superficial in most areas, Minx's determined sophistication appears to be little more than a veneer when her world is shaken up in Change of Heart. I wonder if we get a glimpse of the real Ingrid Krüger in that episode. Also, in Riot's Hope, when there are flashbacks to Minx in her days with Nirvana, there is no hint of her being anything of a flirt. Her attire is not a bit the kind of wear that Minx of the Stingers chooses to wear, and you wonder how real her flirtatious, don't care attitude really is. She also has a good heart in there somewhere, because of her misplaced kindness towards the Starlight Girls in Change of Heart and her anxiety over Rapture in That Ol' Houdini Magic, but she has learnt that she can get things in life by being a charmer and a minx, so she takes that line more often. Her insecurity in Change of Heart makes me wonder if she's really just looking for a place to belong...in this she is very like Roxy.
There is no hint as to what kind of background she came from, apart from her country of origin and the allusion to the fact she maybe knew Riot in high school (Stingers Hit Town), though this is muddling since the evidence in Riot's Hope contradicts this completely.

Minx's closest bonds in the series are of course with Riot and Rapture...but I don't think that the bond with Rio can be totally overlooked either. Though Minx sets her stall out to steal Rio from Jem and Jerrica (she feels it would be twice as fun to steal him away from two women), and she is spurred on by Rapture's teasing, I wonder exactly what her feelings towards him are. In Change of Heart, when she's vulnerable, she turns to Rio as the only man she can trust, and it's Rio who talks her down when she threatens to jump from the top of a building and end her life. It's also Rio she sets out to spite at the end of the episode, by tossing his synthesiser from the roof.
Aside from Rio, there have been rumblings to the effect that Minx and Techrat were destined to have a relationship. In short, I can't see it. Techrat is attracted to Minx in the same way most men appear to be (Even Eric), and Minx flirts with him in no different way than she does any other man. It's not what I'd call the makings of a good relationship.
I do wonder if at one stage Minx was (or perhaps still is) in love with Riot. In the flashbacks to the days of Nirvana she seems utterly devoted to him, and he is protective of her. Though the relationship has developed more into a big brother/little sister bond, she is still very fond of him, and believes him to be flawless. Additionally, the Midsummer Night Madness music video also sheds a little light on this subject. Minx and Riot begin the video as a greek god and goddess trying to thwart cupid (?) and break Jerrica and Rio apart, but at the very end of the video comes the most significant stinger animation clue - Minx and Riot (as some greek god and Medusa) embrace and kiss, then become a statue. Its a very interesting piece of animation, if Minx and Riot have always been just friends, to appear in a music video.
Her bond with Rapture is perhaps the closest of them all. I would call them almost sisters...they are very rarely apart (Change of Heart being the exception) and they have a far warmer rapport with each other than either of them tend to with anyone else. It is possible that it was through Minx that Rapture joined the Stingers, but that's just speculation on my part.
Minx also repays the Stingers' abandonment of her in Change of Heart by refusing to fix the fuse box at the end of the show so they can perform...this indicates that loyalty within the band is important to her and she is making a very firm point to that effect - they need her and she knows it. It's also a way to indicate she's back to being Minx again (as opposed to being Ingrid)
Minx has little love or respect for the Holograms or the Misfits and tends to look down on both groups with a fair amount of disdain.