Did you ever wonder what would happen if the Misfits had children?

Almost six years ago, I met Gemma Dawn for the first time, and encountered her brilliant concept of taking the Jem characters into the future. Her stories - based around a band named the Teenangel Outsiders and focusing in on Sammi, Aja's young daughter - were the original basis of what has since become the Jewel/Teenangel world that now spans more than forty stories between us.

Jewel's World was originally sparked off by a joke-around drawing of what Stormer's daughter might look like, should she ever have one. With Gemma's support and encouragement, two more Jewel characters came to be - Jetta's daughter Nancy and Raya's daughter Copper. Originally they were only going to span one arc (containing six stories), and as a result there were no character biographies and much explanation in the early stories as to what was going on. Now, almost six years on, Jewel's World is heading into it's seventh story arc and has it's own subsite.

Jewel are Misfits Music's newest hopefuls. Reclusive, talented Nancy, Expressive, flamboyant Sylvina and gentle, generous Copper are brought together by the powerful Phyllis Gabor and her business partner Jetta to be the newest hit sensation to grace the United States. But their path to music fame is never smooth. Aside from their differences within the band, they also face Pizzazz's hushed up secret - the resentful baby girl Emily that she gave up for adoption twenty years before. Fielded by the conniving Rory Llewelyn and his company, Rebel Records, Emily - known to her fans as Sirena - soon proves to be as much competion OFF the chart as ON it.

Meanwhile, many things have changed in Los Angeles for the original characters. Clash is grown up and a television presenter in her own right, with a daughter whose father is wrop in mystery. LinZ Pearce disappeared over the Amazon years earlier - but is she still alive, or have her bones just been scattered too far afield to find? Stormer's marriage has never seemed quite perfect, but will it stand the strain of Sylvina's impetuous behaviour? What secret is Regine Cesare hiding for her niece? Can Kimber come to terms with her own secrets and how far are the Stingers willing to go to have the best music company in Los Angeles? What really did happen to Jem in Los Angeles, all those years ago?

And most important of all - where is Synergy now the music is over?