Pizzazz's Chronicle

Many people have asked to know what happened in-between the Misfit fic arc and the start of Jewel's World. These 'chronicle' pages are far from an exact science, but they are designed to give some idea of major events in the Misfits' lives.

Pizzazz's story is - and always was- a complex transition between Misfit fiction world and Jewel. With so many things to incorporate, Pizzazz's chronicle spreads itself out kinda randomly in all directions, and has been under construction for several years. It is still ongoing, and will be added to as time goes on :)

What is contained on this page is not one story so much as a bunch of snippets/flashbacks/pieces of stories that connect together to tell the story of how she became the powerful and professional owner and executive of Misfits Music of the future - the predatorial businesswoman that nobody would dare underestimate. The near collapse of her music company, her life and death gamble with the roads of Los Angeles and the secret baby she tried her best to forget are all explained and explored in the sections below.

Successful and rich, she cannot help feeling that somehow her life isn't quite complete. More and more she is becoming frustrated by the increasing independance of her bandmates, and is disgusted by the fact that of all people, her chief parter in crime Jetta seems to be settling down into a monogamous relationship. However, even she cannot predict the events which are to which are to change Pizzazz's life...Forever.


Part One: Summer, 1989
Chapter One: Alone
Chapter Two: A Night Out
Chapter Three: Tragedy
Chapter Four: Aftermath
Chapter Five:  Alan Garcia

Chapter Six: Fire vs Fire
Chapter Seven: Eric

Chapter Eight: Ambition
Chapter Nine: Eric's Offer
Chapter Ten: Misfits To Arms

Part Two: A Test Of Faith
Chapter One:  Back In The Spotlight
Chapter Two:  Eric's Deal
Chapter Three: Siren
Chapter Four: The Morning After
Chapter Five: Schemes

Chapter Six: Roxy Acts
Chapter Seven:  Cracks

Part Three: To Hell And Beyond
Chapter One:  Confrontations
Chapter Two: Harvey Gabor
Chapter Three:  Aftershock
Chapter Four:  Enter The Cavalry
Chapter Five:  Executive Meeting

Chapter Six:  Legal Wrangles
Chapter Seven:  New Recruits

Part Four: Desperate Times
Chapter One: Recovery
Chapter Two:  Harvey
Chapter Three:  A Disturbing Realisation
Chapter Four: Shock
Chapter Five:  Complications

Chapter Six: New Year's Eve
Chapter Seven:  Bombshell

The Boring Disclaimer:
Pizzazz is not my character - she and the Misfits were created by Hasbro and given life by Christy Marx and the writers of the Jem series. However, the events, concepts and plotline contained in this story is my own and may not be duplicated. Justin, Alan and any character not featured in the Jem cartoon are entirely my creation and are also not to be duplicated anywhere else.