The Jem Series
One Jem Too Many

Synopsis: What, I hear you cry? Isn't ONE Jem bad enough as it is? Well, apparently not. The Holograms and Rio think Jerrica has been working too hard when Jem appears at a number of venues acting rude and brash and generally completely out of character. However, Jerrica herself denies any involvement and it transpires that someone is going round impersonating her to ruin Jem's reputation. Who else but that mistress of disguise, Clash, under the instruction of Pizzazz? In an attempt to flush out her impersonator, Jem stages a big concert, but she, Danse and the Holograms find themselves cast adrift on a boat in the harbour whilst Clash (as Jem) is busy doing more image wrecking. However, thanks to a makeshift raft and a helpful local, Jem and the Holograms make it to the concert and expose Clash for the fake she is. And they even make her sing ^_^.
Songs: Congratulations (The Misfits - repeated song - watch out for Jetta playing Stormer's synth :P), Not The Real Me (Jem and the Holograms), Imagine Me (Jem <as Jerrica> And The Holograms).


Nice threads, girls :)

Jerrica takes a moment to relax with the mic

This is definitely delusional, however...

Jem throws a tantrum - but which Jem is she?

Ooh, I like this cover story!

Jem's nightmare revealed!

What's this? Instrumental diversity??

Jem realises they are stranded!