The Jem Series
Out Of The Past

Synopsis: Jerrica and the Holograms are cleaning out the attic of the Starlight Mansion when Jerrica finds a bunch of their mother's old stuff, and their father's diary. Upon reading through it they discover that somewhere there are master tapes of their mother's performances, but try as they might they can't find them.
And then it transpires that Eric Raymond has them, and wants either $1,000,000 or Starlight Music for them..
In all honesty, this is a good episode if you happen to be hologrammatically inclined, and the flashbacks are cute and explain a lot (The fact that they have Jacqui's stuff and Emmet's diary is less easy to understand, considering that the lot would probably have gone up in flames at the old Starlight House in Truly Outrageous, but oh well. Let's not ruin a cute idea, huh?) I even think that the Jem list voted this one as it's favourite episode not so long back. For a Misfit fan, however, as I am, once you've watched the thing two or three times and are forced to see Jerrica and Eric's rather unbelievable little exchange over the tapes (a secret passion burns for Jerrica, huh Eric? Why else the jealous fury?) and the "lets make Rio jealous" flashback, you begin to agree with Jetta's assessment of things at the beginning: "Bloody waste of time is what it is." Give me Bands Break Up, Talent Search or Roxy Rumbles ANY day :P
Songs: First Love (Jem and the Holograms), Starlight (Jacqui Benton).


The Holograms (And Jerrica) discover Emmet's diary

Little Kimber and Jerrica!

Jacqui and the :)

Emmet, Jerrica, Kimber and Aja :)

Little Shana and Little Aja

Mm, this explains a lot...