Chapter Two: A Night Out

"So, this is the new hangout, huh?"

Pizzazz pulled herself up onto a bar stool, ordering a drink and eying the place with a critical gaze. "It's not bad. Not the best joint in town, but still, it'll do for tonight."

"The music's bloody awful." Jetta pulled a face. "Never 'eard of them, either. You?"

"Couldn't care less if I had. I'm not here to sign them." The singer smirked. "Could you imagine it, though? Trying to market the sound of a strangled cat being put through a guitar?"

"'Ere, gimme the cat an' I'll do it for free." Jetta laughed. "Bloody 'opeless. 'Ere, what about bringin' the girls down 'ere one night an' givin' them some real rock an' roll, huh?"

"Guess it mightn't hurt." Pizzazz looked approving. "Might do that. After all, looks like they'll need it...unless they wanna drive the crowds away."

"Well, if it gets that bad, there's always Le Klub Kool." Jetta shrugged, taking a sip of her drink. "The decor ain't bad."

"Nor is the scenery." Pizzazz cast a glance around the dancing mass of people, her gaze lingering for a moment on one or two. "Though I don't suppose you're even looking, are ya?"

"I can window shop." Jetta said with a shrug. "An' noone ever said this thing with Justin were any kind of monogamous relationship. It's jus' a fling, for the last time. I'm still open to see whoever, whenever."

"So you keep saying." Pizzazz raised an eyebrow. "But, since you came back from that night in New York when he first talked you into bed, you haven't exactly proven your word. How about tonight you do, huh? How about we find a couple of cute guys and you damn well prove you're not tied to this zero!"

Jetta frowned.


"What? Scared?" Pizzazz taunted her. "Or are you more hooked on whatever games Justin plays than you like to admit, huh?"

"Fine, whatever!" Jetta's pride rose at this. "I was just gonna complain about your taste in men, that's all! Of course I'm damn well up for it! I told you, Justin an' I are jus' casual. Nothin' more!"

"Okay." Pizzazz paused, scanning the crowd. Then she nodded her head towards a young man in his mid twenties who was standing by the speakers. "Try him. He's tall, dark, handsome and probably a few thousand other stereotypes. Put your money where your mouth is, and go get him."

"Fine." Jetta snapped, banging her drink down on the bar and getting to her feet. "But before I go anywhere, I'm choosing for you! I ain't gonna be stuck with one of your braindead choices all night if you ain't playing your share of the game too!"

"Go on then. Shoot. I'm not scared." Pizzazz folded her arms. Jetta scowled, then pursed her lips, looking around her.

"Okay. Him, by the exit door." She said finally. "The tall guy, with the tattoo. 'E looks about your speed."

"Consider it done." Pizzazz said flippantly, slipping off her stool. "You got ten minutes, and you gotta get him back here. But it only counts if he buys you a drink, remember that!"

"Okay, okay, I know the rules!" Jetta snapped. They had played this game before, many times, but that had been before Jetta had met Justin and despite herself she balked inside at the idea of betraying him. Though they had never discussed the issues of monogamy or commitment, she knew he would be none too amused if he found out she had been chatting up a total stranger in some nightclub across town.

"Oh, screw 'im." She muttered. "This is my night out, I deserve to 'ave fun. And, dammit, I ain't letting Pizzazz win this time!"


The sound of his voice made her stop dead and she muttered a curse, turning on her heel to face him. Pride or no pride, she could hardly go chat up another guy in front of his nose.

"I didn't know you were 'ere tonight." She murmured.

"Nor did I till half an hour ago, when the guys in the apartment below invited me down." Justin cast her a grin. "Something wrong? You not happy to see me or something?"

"Mm...not that. I'm...'ere with Pizzazz." Jetta said slowly. Justin looked comprehending.

"Let me guess, she's dared you to snare some guy, you got all hot under the collar and agreed, and now I've kinda sprung you." He said with a grin. Jetta looked startled.

"Don't bloody do that, it's uncanny! I don't like my mind bein' read!" She exclaimed. Justin laughed.

"Look, I won't stick around...but really, I'd be most grateful if you didn't go off to some other guy's bedsit tonight, whatever Pizzazz dares you. After all, I know you're capable of independant thought when you want to be."

"Oh, stop bein' a git, of course I ain't goin' to leave with some other guy!" Jetta exclaimed. "I was jus' gonna get him to buy me a drink. That's the game. Nowt else. It's not like we're monogamous or nothin'"

"Mm, okay. Go ask him." Justin put his hands on her shoulder, then, without warning, he kissed her gently. "Just keep that in mind when you do, and that it's only a silly bet, nothing else. Okay?"

"Oh, you..." Jetta groaned, hitting him on the chest. "You know full well that when you do that I can't think about nothin' else! Get out of me face, will you? I'll lose the bloody game, jus' leave me alone!"

"I love you too." Justin said playfully, and she rolled her eyes.

"Later." Was all she said, however. "Now get lost."

"Well?" Pizzazz was already at the bar when she returned, drink in hand and the young man from the door at her elbow. "Alone?"

"You know who showed up." Jetta said darkly. "Can 'ardly do it in front of 'is bloody nose."

"I knew you couldn't do this. I knew you'd gone soft." Pizzazz narrowed her eyes accusingly. "Some Misfit you are!"

"Oh, can it." Jetta picked up the remains of her drink, downing it in one. "Least I got a kiss out of tonight, which I bet is more'n you'll get. Your 'bet' jus' wandered off after some blond silicon bimbette!"

"He's a loser anyway. The deal was the drink, he did it, you lose." Pizzazz shrugged, but inside she felt hollow. Her aim had been to drive a wedge between Jetta and Justin, but in the end she had failed. Even though she had won the game, she knew she had lost. More perceptive than many people realised, she was well aware that tonight's events had proven once and for all that Jetta was some way towards being in love with Justin, and more, she had no intention of letting him go.

She finished her own drink, then ordered another.

"The guys here are all creeps anyway. One tried to grab me as I went past, talk about cheap moves." She remarked.

"Well, screw em all." Jetta shrugged. "They can go to hell, the lot of 'em."

"I'll drink to that." Pizzazz looked amused. "What, Justin and all?"

"I'm not gonna argue over him tonight with you." Jetta refused to be roused. "So drink, for heaven's sake, then lets go find some fun elsewhere. We got a long time till the morning comes!"


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