The Jem Series
The Princess And The Singer

Synopsis: Jem and the Holograms are summoned to the little (and totally fictional, but I'm guessing European) country of Morvania to perform for the Princess Adreanna (who just happens to look exactly like Kimber...) When Adreanna sneaks out of the palace to get away from her responsibilities (and her creepy Cruella De Ville cousin Lexa) there is a mixup and Lexa's guards take Kimber hostage instead of Adreanna...
The Misfits get themselves involved but realise just in time that Lexa means to harm the princess and the Holograms during a concert. Believe it or not, the Misfits actually save the Holograms and Adreanna from certain death :) Yep, it's pretty much a play on the old book "The Prince and the Pauper".
Songs: Queen Of Rock and Roll (The Misfits), Here Comes Trouble (Jem and the Holograms)


Kimber looks forward to a visit to Morvania.

You didn't know Cruella De Ville had a bit part in Jem, did you?
Nah. This is Lexa :P

Eek! Cloning!

Stormer gets cheeky with a sheet :) Ole!

Um...ok :-p

Here comes trouble!

Kimber gets into a spot of bother

The Misfits save the day! Yay!