The Jem Series
Riot's Hope

Name: Riot's Hope
Synopsis: The truth behind Riot and the Stingers. This is a nice episode because it gives you a glimpse into the past. Riot and his father's constant rowing makes his mother ill, and to save her life the two men must learn to get along. Riot takes Jem into his confidence about his life growing up and all he has been through over the years. Jem, as usual, decides to do what she can to help Riot and his father re-find their family spirit. It also shows a side of Riot that isn;t all ego. Nice for a change :) Slightly spooky too is the choice of name for Minx and Riot's old band...Nirvana :)
Songs: Let Me Be (The Stingers), Take It or Leave It (The Stingers - repeated song), It's a Hard Hard Life (The Stingers)


Riot and Daddy

Yes, Jem. Seeing you has that effect on most people.

Yep, folks. He does have a heart, after all.

Ickle Riot!


The Stingers in the Snow!