Roxy's Story

Chapter Eleven - I'm Gonna Change

"And now, the group you've all been waiting to hear...The Misfits!"
As the announcer's voice rang out across the excited crowd, the stage became bathed in lights of all different colours as the four musicians that made up the headline act took their places, revelling in the attention that their appearance had mustered. Roxy adjusted the strap of her guitar as she gazed out at the audience, a warm glow settling in her heart as she recognised Link, Jake and her other hometown friends among the crowd. They were there to support her as much as anything else, and she appreciated it. For the first time she was beginning to see that she did have friends in the world, after all, and that she could maintain her independance and strength without shunning them.
"This is more like it!" She decided. "Fame and fortune, that's for me...Back in Philadelphia a star, just like I always said I'd be. I told 'em there was more to Roxanne Pelligrini than just thievin' on the streets of this' now I proved it!"
At that moment, at a signal from Pizzazz, the set began, and for the time being she put her musings aside as she focused on her music. She always loved playing for a crowd, and the buzz it always gave her to hear them cheering. This was, after all, what she had always wanted to be - in the limelight, a something and not a nothing. The Misfits were brash, unconventional and sometimes down-right violent, but they were also one of the best bands at what they did, and their following grew day by day. Jem and the Holograms had secured the top spot where music was concerned in the United States, but the Misfits ran them a close second all the way.

It seemed no time at all before the break in their set, and, as they headed back to the dressing room, Roxy was hit by a sudden inspiration. With her, to think had always been synonymous with action, and, without explaining anything to her bemused bandmate she grabbed Stormer by the arm, pulling her back out onto the stage.
"What are you doing?" Stormer's eyes were big and bewildered. "Roxy..."
"Stop complainin'." Roxy instructed. "You can improvise, can't ya?"
"Improvise? Sure, but I don't understand..." Stormer's brow creased.
"I wanna do my song." Roxy explained.
"Your song?" Stormer looked startled. "Roxy, are you sure? I thought you didn't want other people to hear it."
"It's okay in Philly. This is home." Roxy replied with a shrug. "C'mon, you gonna help me or not?"
"I'll try." Stormer nodded. "I'll do my best anyway, if you're really sure you wanna play it."
"It's good enough to play, ain't it?" Roxy demanded. Stormer nodded.
"Plenty good enough." she agreed. "I just don't want you to do something you'll regret."
"Stop being soft." Roxy chided her. "I said we're playin' it, so we are."
"What if Jetta and Pizzazz hear?"
"Then they do. Maybe it'll teach them somethin' about what I can do." Roxy was immovable. "I ain't no dumb no-talent and I ain't gonna be taken for's time they learnt that."
"Well, okay." Stormer shrugged. "Your call."
"Yeah." Roxy nodded determinedly. "So let's rock 'em!"
"What the hell does she think she's doin'?"
Pizzazz and Jetta, alerted to the fact something was up by the non-appearance of the other two Misfits and the sudden commotion from the stage had been drawn back to the wings, watching in disbelief as the performance unfolded.
"She's singin'!" Jetta exclaimed. "An' what is she singin'? Something Stormer wrote?"
"Probably..." Pizzazz growled. "When I get my hands on her...she knows that nothing gets added to the set without my say so! How dare she just saunter up there and start singing some song we hadn't even practiced! I sing the songs, not her!"
"The crowd seem to like her." Jetta observed absently as the song ended to a rousing reception. "Guess it won't do our publicity any 'arm in the long run, Pizzazz."
"That's not the point." Pizzazz put her hands on her hips as Roxy took her bow, and made her stage exit. "Roxy Pelligrini, what the heck was that all in aid of! You know the rule!"
"Well, I felt like breakin' it, and showin' you guys what I can do." Roxy retorted with a careless shrug. "You all take me for granted anyway, I wanted to prove to ya that I have got what it takes and that you guys better realise it."
"What song was that?" Jetta demanded.
"Something I wrote, that's what." Roxy folded her arms.
"C'mon, Roxy, get serious." Jetta snorted. "You can barely write your name!"
"You don't have to be able to write to be able to compose, dummy." Roxy shot back. "And I did write it, so there. All of it."
"She did, Jetta. I only heard it for the first time a few weeks ago, when she was playing it." Stormer added her bit.
"Well, well. So you wrote a song...don't think it's going on any Misfit record." Pizzazz was still clearly sulking. Roxy smiled.
"I don't want it to. It's my song, not a Misfit song." she replied calmly. "I was provin' a point, that's all. I told everyone I was gonna change, and I did. And now, if you don't mind, I'm gonna find myself a drink before we play again. I'm parched. Stormer, you comin'?"
"Right with you." Stormer nodded, casting a backward glance at Pizzazz as she followed her new ally to the vending machine. Despite herself, she smiled.
Finally Roxy had realised what she had known all along - that her contribution to the Misfits was a vital one. The stay in Philadelphia had proved both eventful and emotional, but it had succeeded in doing one thing - it had brought her and her irreverant housemate closer together, and that was something Stormer was grateful for.
Because although Roxy had finally put her bad times behind her, she wasn't quite ready yet to go it alone.
But that was okay, Stormer mused, as she watched the other girl kicking the vending machine and getting a free can of soda for her trouble. After all, Roxy didn't need to go it alone.
Whatever happened now, she knew they would have each other, and that things would be okay.
No matter what.

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