The Jem Series

Name: Scandal
Synopsis: After Jetta 'finds' Kimber's diary, the Misfits begin to cook up a scandal surrounding the Holograms, taunting Kimber with pages torn from the diary and even giving the book to Cool Trash Magazine to publish an exclusive. Mixed up in the whole mess is Kimber's old flame Shawn Harrison, whom Pizzazz still seems to have designs on. Things come to a head at the Roller Rock Out, when Pizzazz and the girls put on a stunning roller display in order to help pass around the scandal issue of Cool Trash and it is down to Synergy to convince Kimber that she needs to believe in herself. But will the appearance on Harriet Horne's show ruin the Holograms forever? (Well, come on. What do you think? Sheesh!)
Songs: I Love A Scandal (The Misfits), Dear Diary (Jem and the Holograms), She Makes An Impression (Jem and the Holograms - repeated song)  



Kimber and Raya gossip about Shawn

Pizzazz gets asked out!!

Ain't they cute?

Kimber seeks Synergy's advice

Awwww...ICKLE Kimber!