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Britrock will never host a complete catalogue of Jem songs as mp3 files, for the simple reason that I do not want to be the means to facilitate those bootleggers who download files from sites and sell CDs on Ebay at profit. Knowing as I do that the musical production team would not be happy with this behaviour from so-called Jem fans, it's by no means my intention to encourage it.
But then again there are a lot of Jem fans out there who are honest and who would not simply collect up and try and sell bootlegs of song files. For these people, I have decided to add a small array of soundbytes to this section, just to give a taster of the way Jem music sounds.
The quality varies from very good to poor, depending on the quality of the copies I have used for the recordings, or also, sadly, on the inferior quality of my recording software. ALL of the files are from my own collection and none have been taken from any website or other place. Some I have better quality versions of which were inaccessable at the time of editing this page.
All files are zipped. Please note that there are NO COMPLETE songs on this page, only snippets - for the reasons explained above. Sadly a few Jem fans ruin it for the many :(
I have chosen not to include the normal and Jem Girl American themes, since they can be found pretty much anywhere you look on the web ;)
(Image of Stormer, above, screencaptured from Misfit toy commercial)

Love Is Doin' It (372 KBS)

Takin' It All (276 KBS)

Destiny (491 KBS)


I'm Okay (Kimber and Stormer, 402 KBS)
I'm Gonna Change (Roxy, 361 KBS)
Spain (90KBS)
Italy (324 KBS)
France (507KBS)
French-Canadian (478 KBS)


Fuera De Mi Camino - The Misfits (Mexican, 291KBS)
Tan Cerca - Jem And The Holograms (Mexican, 423 KBS)
L'Univers A Mes Pieds - The Misfits (French-Canadian, 440KBS)
Jalousie - Jem And The Holograms (French-Canadian, 396KBS)

On each of the following pages are general samples of the voice cast for the Jem series.

The Stingers

Jem, Jerrica and The Holograms

The Starlight Girls

Other Cast Members


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