The Jem Series

Part 1 - Falling Star
Synopsis: Now the proud winners of the movie contract, Jem and the Holograms discover that Pizzazz's rich father, Harvey Gabor has bought the film studio and put Eric Raymond in charge. Eric and the Misfits, with the aid of Clash Montgomery cause havoc for the Holograms during filming. Anthony introduces the Holograms, meanwhile, to Clash' cousin Video.  Jeff Wright, one of the stuntmen develops a crush on Kimber, who only has eyes for leading actor Nick Mann, and Roxy does her best to grab Jeff's attention. Rio becomes jealous of Jem's scenes with Nick and at the press conference Pizzazz and the other Misfits upstage the Holograms. In the end, the Holograms quit the show, but then Jerrica learns that BaNee, one of the Starlight girls, has a serious eye condition. .
Songs:  Who Is He Kissing (Jem and the Holograms), Jealousy (Jem and the Holograms), Universal Appeal (The Misfits)

Part 2: Colliding Stars
Synopsis: After discovering BaNee;s condition requires expensive surgery, Jerrica is forced to return to the Starbright Movie, only this time it is entirely on Eric's terms, and she must play assistant to him as well as being in the film as Jem. There is tension between both Jem and Rio and Jerrica and Rio, which Pizzazz exploits to her best advantage. Whilst making Jem's life miserable, Eric jeopardises her safety by making her do a dangerous stunt without a safety net and it is only Rio's bravery that saves her from a nasty fall. Video tapes the whole event and despite the Misfits' best attempts to wipe the tape, retains a copy, however, with BaNee in mind Jem begs Video not to take the tape to the authorities. Kimber discovers what a jerk Nick Mann really is, and Roxy tries again to gain Jeff's attention. When he blows her off, in a jealous fit of rage Roxy (aided by Clash) sets off the explosions on one of the scenes, trapping Kimber in the fire blasts.
Songs: Love is Doin' It To Me (Jem and the Holograms), Congratulations (The Misfits), Show Me The Way (Jem and the Holograms)

Part 3- Rising Star
Synopsis: After Jeff saves her from the fire blasts, Kimber finds that they have a lot in common. Jem accuses Roxy of being involved in the accident but has no proof to back it up. The Holograms quit the movie for the second time, this time deciding to try and stage their own low budget movie with help from various friends and assistants. The Misfits assume control of the original movie, though many of the people quit to go work on Jem's movie. Despite Clash' attempts to infiltrate the movie and steal the incriminating tape of Jem's accident, the movie is put together and is a huge success, meaning that BaNee's operation is paid for. Meanwhile Harvey Gabor discovers just how much money his daughter has blown on her film and returns control of the movie studio to Howard Sands. God only knows, by the way, what the plot of the Starbright Movie is actually meant to be :P
Songs: Puttin' It all Together (Jem and the Holograms), Welcome to the Jungle (Misfits), People Who Care (Jem and the Holograms)


Anthony introduces Jem to Video Montgomery

Jerrica wonders where Rio's affections really lie.

Disgruntled Misfits watch from the Gabor Estate

Roxy and Stormer

Pizzazz initiates her "Secret Weapon"

Jeff Wright gets the first clue that Kimber might not be his ideal match...

Enter Clash

Who said Pizzazz wasn't a flirt?

Yes, more scheming :D

Right where she belongs ;)

Jem finds herself in quite a predicament

Jerrica reassures BaNee

This is from a music video, don't worry ;) its just cute :)

Roxy has an unlike-herself moment :P What gives...good question!

That;s more like the Roxy I know and love!!

"Stick your fat head into that, hero!"

Temper temper, Rio!

Yep. Flirt indeed!