The Jem Series
The Stingers Hit Town

Name: The Stingers Hit Town (Part One)
Synopsis: Blah. The end of the true stars of the series is dangerously near :P From hereon in the Misfits and even the Holograms aside from Jem are about to be slowly (or speedily) relegated to the back bench of Jem history. No wonder the series got axed!
Jerrica wants new talent for Starlight Music, to create extra funds for the company, whilst Eric is sick of being harassed and bossed about by the Misfits. Eric sells everything he owns to buy out Misfit Music, and when he hears of a new band, the Stingers, playing at Le Klub Kool he trots along to see what they're like. Jerrica is tipped off about this band, the Stingers, by Lin-Z Pierce, and it is clear from the start that they have a magnetism. Both Eric and Jerrica offer them contracts and a place to stay, but on the choice of keyboardist Minx the group decide to stay at the Gabor mansion. This news is not greeted well by the Misfits, and they are all geared up to tell the Stingers where to go when they hit a glitch...Pizzazz falls madly in love with Riot the first time she sees him. This results in all kinds of trouble, and the other Misfits are not amused, especially when Rapture, the Stingers' guitarist starts messing with Pizzazz and making a fool out of her (I have to admit it isn't a pretty sight). Riot, meanwhile, has his sights set on Jem, and Rio is not happy about it. Minx decides to make Rio the latest in her long line of broken hearts, but he's not biting...
Songs: Stingers Theme (The Stingers), Like A Dream (Jem and the Holograms - repeated song) Perfect Match (The Stingers)

Name: The Stingers Hit Town (Part Two)
Synopsis: The Stingers have moved into the Starlight Mansion, causing havoc for the Starlight Girls and the Holograms alike. Jem and Rio still have issues over Riot, and while the Stingers are discussing contract possibilities with Starlight Music, Eric turns up with a whole PR flood, offering the group a part share in the music company he now owns. Jerrica cannot match the offer, and Riot tells her that only Jem can change his mind. Jerrica has a difficult choice, for Riot will only sign to Starlight's label if Jem agrees to be his (what a creep...). Rio is not amused...and he and Jem fight, but in the end they make it up (who didn't see that coming :P).
Meanwhile, the Misfits have delivered an ultimatum to Pizzazz - choose between them and Riot. Eric convinces Pizzazz to choose Riot, so the other Misfits walk out. At what I assume is Stormer's house, the girls gather, lamenting the loss of their lead vocalist, but once he has got what he wants, Eric gets Riot to persuade Pizzazz to make up with the other Misfits. They greet her with delighted hugs (I don't think Pizzazz herself knows quite how to deal with that, but it's kinda touching.) And so all ends well. Sort of...because for the Misfits in the series it really is the beginning of the end :*(  Watch the Now video. It rocks.
Songs: Now (Stingers/Misfits/Jem and the Holograms), Take It Or Leave It (The Stingers) Lovesick (The Misfits)


Eric plots to undermine Pizzazz's stranglehold at Misfit Music.

LinZ gives Jerrica a hot tip :)

Duh, Riot. Wrong way. :P

Roxy bites off more than she can chew!

The Stingers

Pizzazz, don't do it!!

Shana and Aja worry about Jem.

Jetta, Stormer and Roxy make a stand in the name of the Misfits!

Well, who didn't see this coming?

Spot the odd one out :)

Stormer bemoans the Misfits' fate...

...but everything works out in the end :D v