The Jem Series
In Search Of The Stolen Album

Synopsis: This is another of those episodes which seems kinda out of sequence in a lot of ways. The Misfits are out of a recording contract thanks to Harvey Gabor banishing them from Misfit Music. As a result Pizzazz gets Eric to send one of his men to steal Jem and the Holograms' master tape for their album, over which they record their own lyrics. Pizzazz then sets up a treasure hunt for the holograms to find their missing album, leading them on a wild goose chase across the state.  Not one of Pizzazz's better schemes, as it turns out, because the Holograms have Synergy on their team!
Songs: There's a Melody Playin' (Jem and the Holograms), There Ain't Nobody Better (The Misfits),

Aja's Mistake (Zip - 571KB)


Pizzazz lays down the law

Eric's attractive "Bum" look

The Holograms

Jem gets friendly with a mic stand.

Does he look a little TOO happy to anyone else?

The Misfits

The Holograms examine the first clue...

The Mirage Garage