The Jem Series
Trick Or Techrat

Name: Trick or Techrat
Synopsis: Eric becomes involved in a scheme to demolish an old theatre, which the Holograms intend to use for their Hallowe'en concert. Though with Techrat's help Eric manages to pull many surprises out, the Holograms are determined to go on with the show. The Misfits decide to set up their own Hallowe'en concert opposite to the theatre...however they are none too keen to spend much time in the old building themselves. During the episode Jerrica/Jem is trying to convince Terri, one of the Starlight Girls, that being scared can be fun (:P). Funny they don't see it that way when the Misfits are involved, huh?. Not one of the best episodes, to my mind, but it's worth watching just to see the Misfits terrified out of their skin by a mechanical hand that appears out of nowhere :) not to mention Raya's little "vampire" act in the old theatre ;)
Oh, and let's give Jem an award for Worst New Song Ever for "Fun To Be Scared". (Though maybe KJEM is worse...hmmm)
Songs: Don't Look Now (The Misfits), It's Fun To Be Scared (Jem and the Holograms), We Can Change It (Jem and the Holograms)


Mr Vincent, the theatre owner (and Dracula on his days off :P)

Raya gets into the acting spirit.

Jerrica tries to reassure wimpy Terri about Hallowe'en.

Techrat, is that a new outfit?

Nice stage design, Danse - only it clashes with your leggings!

Jetta gets more than she bargained for!