Vivien Montgomery

Character Analysis
Video is a difficult character to analyse. It's easy to say that she's 'boring' or 'too conservative' about life in general, and compared with her wilder cousin Clash this often appears to be the case. However the danger is to look at Video in the shadow of Clash's misdemeanours, as the long suffering elder cousin who always takes the morally right path in life.
There are a few salient points to make about Video's character. Firstly, she's a woman who believes very strongly in things. In this she is somewhat like Shana, as illustrated in Father's Day when she gets all hot under the collar about Clash bending the truth. Video, therefore, is a great believer in direct honesty...something which sometimes leads her into trouble, for she also has something of a big mouth - in Starbright she even owns as much after giving away the truth of BaNee's eye condition to the enemy.
Though Video associates herself with Jem right from the off, she never seems too bothered about finding out Jem's secret. This suggests that she's someone who can respect the privacy and wishes of others as well as looking for her own interests. It also indicates that she's fairly secure in what she's doing and her life as it is, since she has no wish to bring her friend down. Consequently Jem trusts in Video from the start.

By far the most important role in the show for Video is her relationship with her younger cousin, Clash. In the flashback videos of Father's Day baby Clash is shown to torment a 2 year old Video from the start and the fact Clash got a present on Video's 10th birthday also suggests that there's some more competition from Video's side than at first seems apparent. Clash is the spoiled brat of the family who's always gotten her way with her father, whilst Video has had to work hard to get to where she is, and sometimes you wonder if she feels that. However, there is still a blood bond between Clash and Video that Video at least can't completely let go of. At the end of Video Wars she seems concerned by Clash's welfare even though Clash has tried once more to ruin her. It's also interesting to note that Video is the only character who ever refers to Clash by her birthname.
Video is close with the Holograms, though in Father's Day it seems like there is tension between her and Kimber. She also puts a lot of faith in them, feeling frustrated and let down when it appears the girls have gone out riding instead of working on her video as they promised. Equally this anxiety shows her love for her father and her desire to make his father's day a special event.
In terms of love, there is never a direct love interest for Video in the cartoon (despite the suspicious hints of a Video/Rio affair in Music Awards when they just *happen* to arrive at Haven House together, hehehe). There is however a *hint* of a relationship or perhaps a very nearly relationship in Video Wars when her director/producer flirts with her behind the scenes over the airing of her tape. Though this isn't concrete evidence for romance, it's the closest thing that seems to exist for Video in the cartoon :p
In terms of the Misfits, because of their association with Clash, Video has no time for them.