The Jem Series
Video Wars

Synopsis: This episode confuses me in that it seems so much to be an episode that would come before the Stingers Hit Town, not afterwards. Pizzazz is definitely her old self, more focused on ruining Jem and the Holograms than she is on getting Riot away from her rival. In fact the Stingers play no part in the episode at all, but we re-aquaint ourselves with an old friend, Clash Montgomery. This is also pretty much the last meaningful part the Misfits have to play in a Jem episode. Sad, huh?
Something bizarre has happened to this episode she is little more than Pizzazz' puppet. The Holograms are starring in a video produced by Clash' cousin Vivien "Video" Montgomery, and Pizzazz wants to wreck it. Clash volunteers a plan - to dress up as a film student and take film of all the bad moments the Holograms have on their latest tour. The video is to be aired instead of Video's own production, but during her time with the Holograms Clash actually begins to feel like she belongs. At one point she even saves Raya from a rampaging lion. She becomes increasingly less convinced that showing the video on Lin-Z's show is a good idea, but the Misfits are having none of it - the only way she can become a fifth Misfit is if the tape airs. Clash switches her tape with Video's, but Video manages to recover a copy of her work and get it to the studio in time to be aired on the show. Meanwhile Pizzazz, with the aid of Techrat, has arranged for the Holograms to be delayed in the hope that the Misfits might get to guest host on Lin-Z's show.
Of course, it all comes to nothing. The tape that airs is Video's, not Clash's, and the last we see of the younger Miss Montgomery (in a speaking role) is her vowing to get even with Video and begging Pizzazz for another chance. I have to say I liked her better back at the beginning of the series, before she turned into such a munchkin.
Songs: Last Laugh (Jem and the Holograms), Like a Dream (Jem and the Holograms - repeated song...I guess the producers liked this one, it appears such a lot!)



Kimber takes a nap.

Shana tunes up to play.

The Misfits tease "Sarah"

"Stubborn and Unreasonable!"


The Holograms!
 (with a little help from Shana Cloning Agencies :-p Don't ask me where Aja is. I don't know :-p)